Friday, June 20, 2008


Hi all!!!
Due to the overwhelming number of new requests to join our team, we've temporarily closed membership for the summer... this definitely does NOT mean that we won't still have our trade and replaces, or other team events, just that we won't be taking on any new members.
Ak and I will be sending an email out sometime in the next few weeks to everyone who is currently on the team to inqure about membership status and whether or not they would like to continue being on our team. We do have 25 or so very active members right now - which totally ROCKS!!!!!!!! So, think about it...
If you have any questions or comments, please please please let us know! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!
xooxox AK and muffin

Monday, June 16, 2008

June's Trade & Replace... Another SUCCESS!!!!

Thanks to all the team members who made this Trade and Replace another fabulous success!!!! I know that people have already started getting their packages in the mail, and you can feel the joy!!!!!

Here are some highlights:

snitterdog, courtneywatson, eastcoastkitsch, and both knits making their trade debuts
creationsbychristina cheering up gloplace
indulgentcreations cleaning everyone up with her marvelous soaps
flamingolady trying to convince everyone that flamingos CAN make good housepets
beckynot showing off her animal saving efforts
gems' gorgeously scented stuffies
chendric, ravyen, kaleidoscope, butterfly1, echoesofstars, mimi and muffin's jewelery
kristy's red barn bakery goodies and thisisit's fabulous journals
lorain's soy candles lighting up the place
rusticdiva and heychica bouncing in and off the list multiple times
salsagal's upcoming wedding
magymai711 and lapetite's vintage stuff

I know i've missed people... but everyone knows how wonderful they are... and how wicked our team is!!!!!!!!

We'll have another next month, and the theme is Christmas in July!!!! so get your holiday lists ready and you won't have to shop come December!!!!!!

Thanks again, gang, we love ya!!!!!!!!!!

xoxoxo Ak and Muffin

Saturday, June 7, 2008



ONLY A FEW HOURS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxoxo Ak & muffin

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June's Trade & Replace Lineup!!!


The line up is as follows:

Someone posted under the blogger id "Dee" - can you give me your etsy shop name so i can add it to the list? I can't access your blogger profile to see what your shop is!!!!!

Just in case one of these shops cannot fulfill it's TnR duties, indulgentcreations ( is the alternate shop!!!!

So, go ahead and browse these shops... who are you going to bump off first? Hee hee!

xoxoox Ak and Muffin

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our New Banner!!!!!!!!! And Our WINNER - WENDIWINN!

We are sooo pleased to announce that the team has chosen the fabulous banner that we have here as our official banner!!!!!!!!!!!

And it's all thanks to our wonderful wendiwinn! ( Her talents will be adorning our blog for (hopefully) years to come!

Thanks to everyone for voting... and see you all at the Trade and Replace this weekend!!!!!!!!

xoxoox Ak and Muffin