Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the Entries Are....


Here is the list of the current entries! You will find the poll on the sidebar!

This is what you need to do:

Vote for your favorite item. Then POST A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG POST stating that you voted! (you don't need to say who you voted for, LOL!)

On March 2nd, we will draw names from the people that voted and hand out prizes!!!!!


by muffintopdesigns

by presentsforpirates


And these are the prizes for our lucky voters!

So come take a look, browse, and VOTE!

Don't forget to post a comment letting us know that you did vote so we can enter you into the draw!

xoxoox muffin & Ak

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

'Old Stuff Day' Check In!

Just doing a check in on the progress of everyone's 'Old Stuff Day' creations! You still have 3 days to have your entry listed in your shop - plenty of time for talented crafters like us! We already have 4 prizes donated - thanks to CreationsbyChristina & PresentsforPirates! Ak and I will also be donating items!

A couple of last minute things:

1. Don't forget to put "Etsy TradeAHolics Challenge" in your title
2. Don't forget to convo/email Ak or myself with your link so we can post it here
3. Make sure that you get the word out to every person you know! We'll be taking votes from everyone and anyone that can vote - not just fellow Etsians!!!

We will NOT be posting pictures of the items here on the blog - we want everyone to have to visit your shops in order to enter! WE WANT TRAFFIC!!!!!!

Prizes will be awarded to the winner with the most votes, and then we will do a draw from the people who voted! Everybody wins!!!!!!

So, you better have your craft on!!!!!

xoxoxo muffin

Saturday, February 23, 2008

1st Traders' Challenge - 'OLD STUFF DAY'!!!!!!

I'm so happy and soooo excited to introduce the first TradeAHolics' Challenge event!

March 2 is 'Old Stuff Day'!!!!! (bet you didn't know that, did you? well, we did our research!)

'Old Stuff Day' is not a day to do the same old stuff. Rather, it's a time to recognize the boring nature of your daily routine, and make some exciting changes.... a day to find new and different activities, projects, and hobbies... attend an event. Do something, anything, different.

The Etsy TradeAHolics team is hosting a quick and dirty "Old Stuff Day" promo event! Members, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is:

1. Create something brand new. Totally, unbelievably different from what you usually have in your shop - use a new material that you've been dying to try, branch off into a new crafting direction, throw around colours that you never use!

2. Post the item in your shop - make sure you mention that it's a TradeAHolics' Challenge item! You never know what kind of sales you'll get!

3. Convo Ak or Muffin with your link and we'll post it on the blog.

4. We're going to put a poll up on the blog as well so people can vote for their favourites! The winner will get a HUGE feature on the blog and lots of admiration and adoration from fellow team members!

We'd also like to offer a prize to anyone that votes and posts a comment, so if anyone would like to "donate" a prize, that would be wonderful - let us know by Monday, February 25th!

THE DEADLINE TO HAVE YOUR ITEM FINISHED AND LISTED IN YOUR ETSY SHOP IS FEBRUARY 29th. We told you it was going to be quick and dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any questions? Let us know!
Ready, set... craft on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxoxo Ak and Muffin

Friday, February 22, 2008

Get Your Trade On!

I had the pleasure of participating in a trading game last nite. This event occurs every Thursday starting at 9 pm eastern and is sponsored by EtsyFriends.

Here's a run down of how the game works:

Once there are 10 stores participating, the moderator will request everyone to Convo your 4 choices of shops you wish to trade with. Then the moderator will match everyone up in order of convo received, (if you send your convo early you will be pushed to the end of the line for not following the rules. The moderator will post the list with your name first and the store you will "buy from" next to it.

When you see this list you will go to that store, pick out an $8 item(s) (NO MORE AND NO LESS than $8 total before shipping) you will add it to your shopping cart and check out, BUT DO NOT PAY! If you pay for the item, which means that you did not read my instructions and you will be out of some money.

Everyone will pay to ship the item from their shop, if you are worried about not coming out even; don't list a heavy $8 item.

*you MUST have at least 5 items listed in your store for $8 each for your buyer to have the option of what they want
*You may ONLY pick one $8 item from the store you are given.
*You can choose items under $8 as long as they equal $8 before shipping!
*PLEASE so we know where the sales are coming from in the notes section put TRADE GAME.

EtsyFriends is an Etsy Street team with shops that sell a variety of items. They are a team for building friendships, and promoting each other. They also have a separate shop that members donate items to sell for charity, but are much more than that. Use the tag "etsyfriends" to find items listed by their members.

Be sure to check out their blog!

Come out on Thursday nites to get your TRADE ON!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I've just started blogging. And got addicted. And pulled my shoulder from spending too much time on the computer blogging.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one though, LOL! And I KNOW that I'm not! So Ak, bead and I want to SEE your blogs - and we want to put links to all of our traders' blogs here on our big blog so that the world can get to know us!!!!!!!!

Right now, shoot off a comment to this post with your blog title (the way you'd like it to appear here) and blog address and we'll whip up the list of links lickety split!

For example,

this is my blog title - "Inside the Muffin Top Shop"
and my blog address is

Ak's is - "an Adventure in Color"

bead's is

Just another way for us all to promote each other and promote the team - and maybe eventually, we'll all have links to each other's blogs on our pages... wouldn't that be fab? Like linking us all from wherever we are in the world....

Now I'm getting sentimental. Go right now and post your link.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Next Event... We Need Your Feedback!

We're starting to plan for our March Madness event and we need your opinion! I'm putting up a poll, so take a minute to cast your vote! We'll tabulate the results over the next three weeks and aim to have the event starting Friday, March 14th, 2008!

The descriptions of the games are as follows:
Trade & Replace - exactly like a Buy & Replace - except no money exchanges hands. There will be 10 names on the list, and people who want to "trade in" will have to negotiate with whomever they want to bump off for a trade... of course, if you want to BUY in, how can we say no?

Secret Admirer - the people who want to participate throw their names in the ring, and you will be sent another trader's name to whom you will send a "secret admirer" gift. Everyone will state their preferences so that the person receiving your name can sort of tailor the gift to that person. You won't know who has your name - and they won't know who you have... until the very end! This one is a little less "public" - it will probably generate less traffic from outside etsians, but is sweet nonetheless.

Secret Trader - very much like the Secret Shopper game, where there are 10 - 20 people on a list, and they are given a time frame from which to "purchase" from someone who they have been matched up to. There is a spending limit set, and everyone gets "matched" to a shop from whom they "purchase" from. Only in this one, no money is exchanged and the seller pays for shipping - everyone gets a sale and a "trade"!!!!

Traders' Tag - there are 10 - 15 people on the list, and a set "spending" limit - someone is chosen to start and they choose 1 shop from which to "purchase" from. When they are finished shopping, the person from whom they shopped from goes next and chooses a shop from which to shop from. And so on, until everyone gets a "sale". Once again, no money is exchanged and the seller pays for shipping - and everyone gets a sale and a "trade".

Scavenger Hunt - this one is a little trickier - we choose something to "hide" in one of the etsy trader team members' shops. All of the other shops will have clues inside them that leads to the "prize", but outside etsians have to go searching through the shops to find them. Gets tons of traffic and tons of views... and perhaps sales if someone finds something they like!

I might have botched these descriptions - AK, feel free to edit me if I have been wrong. It's early here and I haven't had my tea yet, LOL!!!!! I hope that this helps!

READY, SET, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trade on!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxox muffin

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Party was a SUCCESS!!!! And so fun to boot!

Well, we've had 5 amazing sales, some fabulous trades, and some awesome new members as a result of our PARTY!!!! If you ask me, that's pretty great for our first team event!!!
Here are some highlights:
- the stomping of the crickets
- fudge and caramels
- about a million new listings by addictedtoyarn, muffintop, christina, and lucie39
- Ak getting the flu but sleeping next to the party
- over 200 unique views on the Treasury
- rusticrainbow, quiltnut and windtwirler getting rowdy
- chubbytrubby and bamdesigns bringing down the house
- some random leg shaving and lots of chocolate cravings
So much fun all around, I didn't think it would be so great!

Ak, bead and I are going to run a poll over the next couple of weeks to see what our March event should be... rumour has it that perhaps a TRADE and REPLACE is in order... but we'll see what the tribe decides!!!

We are still taking new members for the Street Team, so let Ak, beadelicious or myself know if you want in - or even if you just want on the traders' list!

Come on and join us!!! xoxoxo muffin

Friday, February 8, 2008


Come check out our BnR Party on Etsy!!



We are going to have a weekend long sales party in the Promotions Forum starting tonight at 6 pm ETSY Time! (Eastern Standard Time)

We'd like our members to think of a sale they would like to run in their shop - like 20% off all jewelry, or have several items (or even one!) for sale for a special price just for the thread. If you'd like to be included in the first round, convo AKHotDoggies and we'll will include the first 7 who reply to start off the thread.

for example: - 20% off all jewelry until the end of the sale! include "etsy trade promo" in your notes to seller when you checkout and wait for a revised paypal invoice!!!!

We're doing this BNR style. We are opening the promo to all shops, even if they're not members and run it all weekend long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YIPPEE! and keep your eyes peeled for the Party Thread!

xoxo muffin

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Team Event Coming Up!

HEY TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are planning a team event in the Promotions Forum very soon - our way to introduce our team to the rest of the Etsy Community!!!! So stay tuned and watch your convo inbox for more details! Can't WAIT to have our first team event!!!!!!
P.S. and check out the traders list -
- AK gussied us up for Valentines!!!!!!