Saturday, June 11, 2011

congratulations, aneurythm! and next month's challenge...

i have "known" aneurythm for a long time - her avatar features her sweet Wonder Pup's face and i really can't imagine our team without her.  so i am pleased as punch to feature her shop because she won our last design challenge!  

dubbing her work as "ethno-boho" (love love love the term!) Merry's designs truly embrace the earthy sensibilities of untreated gemstones and metals, while catering to the bohemian esthetic.  beautifully handcrafted, her necklaces are delightfully chunky and speaks her amazing sense of color.  you can totally imagine wearing her creations with a long, flowing peasant skirt and an off-the-shoulder gauzy blouse. 

i was fascinated to find out that Merry moved from upstate New York to the sunny shores of california - which i would probably do too if i had the chance!  after suffering a brain aneurysm (hence her shop name) in 1997, she turned to jewelry making as a way to help rehabilitate herself.  add that to also completing her PhD in psychology, we have a picture of a well-rounded tradeaholic.

thank you, Merry - for entering the design challenge, having such an amazing shop and for sharing your courageous story with us!

Merry has chosen "Freeform Stars and Stripes" as july's design challenge theme!  how perfectly fitting for the 4th of july!  so watch this space - and your email - for the design challenge details - and put your creative thinking cap on!!!!