Saturday, December 20, 2008

Post Holiday Hangover Trade and Replace!

hey peeps!!!!!

anticipating the inevitable post-holiday hangover/letdown/blues/what have you, i thought we could be preventative by having another Trade and Replace to help counteract the symptoms!

i've posted a poll on the sidebar as to dates in January that we could have the next TnR... please vote!!!

i also hope that most of you who participated in our lovely Secret Santa/Hannukah Harry event have received your presents... if not, please let me know via convo and i'll try to help!

happy holidays to you guys - LOVE YA!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Secret Santas/Hannukah Harrys... Please Check In!!!!!

Little elves have been telling me that they have sent their presents... and i think they've started rolling in!!!!!!

When you get your present, please post on our chat thread so we can ooooh and ahhhh over what you got! you can find it here:

and don't forget to add a comment to the original secret santa/hannukah harry blog post when you've sent your item... the deadline has long passed!!!!!

whoot whoot for holiday presents!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Fast and Furious Trade and Replace!

Anyone interested in an itsy bitsy fast and furious trade and replace this weekend? i'm taking the first seven shops that convo me and we'll go from Friday night to Sunday night!!!!!!!

Whaddya think???? (i already have one taker!)

xoxo muffin

p.s. (don't post your intentions here because i won't be checking them as much as my convos!)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

TEAM List Updated on ETSY!

Hi all! Just FYI - sarawearsskirts has updated our team profile page on ETSY! All of our members SHOULD be on the list now... if you aren't, please convo me and let me know and i'll try to fix it up ASAP!

thanks to makingsbymary, here's the link:

YIPPEE for our team!!!!!!!!!!
BTW - everyone who wanted to participate in the Secret Santa/Hanukkah Harry event has been sent the details... :) i can't WAIT!!!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The 1st Annual Traders' Secret Santa/Hanukkah Harry Gone WILD Event!

Always feeling like you never have any fun during the holiday season? Always buying for other people but never for yourself? Wish that you could participate in a fabulous, ETSY TradeAHolics -wide Secret Santa/Hannukah Harry exchange where EVERYONE is a winner??????

Then hope and wish no longer! Here is the TradeAHolics' Secret Santa/Hannukah Harry Gone WILD!!!!! It's easy! Just read the rules below!

♥ This is definitely NOT mandatory! Only willing Secret Santas, please! (lol!) If you sign up, you agree to participate - you CANNOT pull out once the list has been compiled! THE DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP IS MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 31st, 2008!!!!

♥ The Secret Santa gift that you send to your Santa should be around $25 - it can be 1 - 3 items totalling $25. The gift MUST be handmade by you!

♥ Please convo - and ONLY convo - muffintopdesigns with the following information (feel free to cut and paste to make life a little easier!) If you can put SECRET SANTA in the convo subject line, that would be fantastic and save me a lot of hair pulling later!

Real Name:
Etsy Shop:
Favorite Colors:
Favorite Hobbies:
Favorite Scents/Flavours:
Favorite Things:
Any allergies/food dislikes etc:
Any other info that can help your Secret Santa choose something especially for you!:
Shipping Address:

♥ Names will be matched on Saturday, November 1st, 2008 and you will be convo'd the information on your Secret Santa. PLEASE NOTE: you will only be sending one package to one person! It's low maintenance!!!!!

♥ Packages should be sent out by Nov 28th, 2008 to receive in time for Christmas - or sometime shortly thereafter. I would suggest sending it via Priority Mail/Airmail with Delivery Confirmation, a tracking number, and/or insurance, just in case it gets lost in the holiday rush!

♥ When you send your item, post a comment on this thread (and this thread only) that you sent it - BUT NOT TO WHOM!!!!! (it's a secret, remember?)

Any questions? :) Happy Santa/Harry-ing!

xooxox muffin (and mini muffin)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our New Weekly Thread!

Now that we're already in Trade and Replace withdrawal... at least we can still gather round the espresso machine and CHAT!
Here's the location of this week's chat thread:
Feel free to show off your newest creations, negotiate trades, vent about life, or just hang out!
xoxox muffin
p.s. please also note that our membership is now CLOSED!!!! sorry!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

TnR Thread Location!

here we go!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hi all!!! We've been working on updating all the lists and all the blogs and I can finally see the light! Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me and Ak while we do this! In celebration, we're kicking off our Fall TRADE AND REPLACE event this Saturday, October 4th, 2008! This one is going to go for TWO whole weeks, so be READY!!!!!

For our wonderful newbies, these are the rules for a "TnR":

1. Make sure that items that you are willing to trade (and you don't have to trade your whole shop) are tagged with "TEAM TRADE ON". That way, people can search your shop for your tradeable items. If you are looking to trade for specific items, please put it in your shop announcement so that everyone can see. For people on the list, I will also put it next to your shop name so that people know what you're looking for, so please let me know. (i.e. I don't necessarily need jewelry or artwork, but I'd love to trade for baby stuff, bath and body, and clothing. So i'll put that in my announcement.)

2. The Trade and Replace thread will be posted in "PROMOTIONS" - to help promote the event and our team! The first list this time will be made up of 15 of our newbies! (thank you to the volunteers!)

3. If there is someone on the list that you'd like to trade with, please convo them and approach them for the trade. Please negotiate fairly, and that includes making sure no one gets stiffed on shipping! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not be offended if the person you approach to trade says no. (I know that there are some things that I just can't use right now - it doesn't mean that your stuff isn't amazing!)

4. Once the trade is a done deal, then the both of you post what you got on the thread. If I, AkHotDoggies, IndulgentCreations or CreationsbyChristina are not around, the person who gets bumped OFF the list can update the list on the thread.

5. If there is something you cannot live without, you CAN purchase from someone on the list - and you will bump them off. Trading for money is okay too, LOL!

6. If the both the trader and the tradee are on the current list, then you both stay on the list.

7. You don't have to be on the list to trade - but you won't be put on the list unless you trade with someone on the list. (does that even make sense? LOL)

8. It is expected that you check your convos and the thread at least once a day during the event. With a Trade and Replace, the pace is a little slower because of the negotiation process, but it's not fair if you are on the list and you go away for a few days. People will most likely be sending you trade requests that you will not be answering, which will hold up the whole process. If you can't check in once a day while you're on the list, then please let me know and I'll replace you with someone.

9. It is suggested that if you are convoed by two or more people for a trade, the first person who convoed you (and is successful trading with you) will be the one to bump you off the list. Feel free to trade with the other people who convoed you, but it's only fair that the first one bumps you off the list.

10. I hope that there aren't any trade disputes during our event! However, if any one has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, IndulgentCreations and CreationsByChristina and we will try to help you work it out. We haven't had any huge brawls here yet, because we all are trading in good faith.

11. This part is going to suck but I'll have to say it. If it comes to light that you haven't traded in good faith, then your participation in other events, and your membership, will be in jeopardy. Trading is a way to benefit us ALL, and one person can ruin it for everyone. SO PLEASE TRADE FAIR! Also, we do not condone fee avoidance - it is definitely up to you to decide whether or not to change your prices for this event, but we would encourage everyone to play by the etsy rules as well.

So, over the next couple of days, think about what you need and tag your items! I will email everyone the thread, post it on the weekly thread, and post it here on the blog.
The list is as follows (in the order that people commented on the blog)

Any questions? Everyone ready? START YOUR BROWSING!!!!!!!

xoox muffin

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

FINAL List Updating... and Trade and Replace details!

okay. so Ak and i have received tons of membership requests and confirmations... so i will be updating our blog lists and our mailing list and hopefully we'll be good to go!!! indulgentcreations has cleaned up the huge trade list too, so it looks like our housekeeping is almost over!! thanks to everyone for being so patient!!!

so... to kick this all off, we'd LOVE to have a HUGE 2 week long trade and replace event!!! we'd like this list to be made up of some of our newbies who are willing to show themselves and their shops off! if you don't know what a trade and replace is, read this:

"Trade & Replace - exactly like a Buy & Replace - except no money exchanges hands. There will be 10 - 15 names on the list, and people who want to "trade in" will have to negotiate with whomever they want to bump off for a trade... of course, if you want to BUY in, how can we say no? Remember, NO money changes hands, you negotiate a fair trade including your shipping."

I hope that makes sense!

So newbies - if you'd like to be one of the shops to kick us off, add a comment HERE with your shop name! I'll be taking the first 15!!!

And everyone else - don't forget to label your items for trade with our tag, "TEAM TRADE ON"!

Ready, set, TRADE ON!!!!

xoxooxox muffin

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Future of Trading... Looking Ahead!

i just want to thank everyone who has helped me keep the membership thread alive over at etsy... and to everyone who responded to our "cleaning house" email! Ak and i are in the process of reviewing all the info we got back and will post the membership list here ASAP!

i've also done some research into how we can be more active, have more fun (as if that would be possible, LOL!) and promote ourselves, both individually and as a team. our trade and replace events have been so fabulously successful that i think that it would be easy for us to be even more successful if we got creative!

so here is a list of some of the "events" that i thought that our team can put on in the upcoming year... read this over (sorry it's so long), and feel free to post your comments, thoughts, & creative ramblings. we want to hear what you want to do!!!! (please note that some of these ideas are quoted from my research "sources" because they've explained it so perfectly already!)

1. Card/Promo Swap (from the Storque) - Card swapping is a low-cost, easy way to get your shop's name out. By swapping cards with members of your Team, you can promote each other's shops by word of mouth and give potential customers something to remember to check it out. Team members personally recommending a shop means the buyer is more likely visit, mark as a favorite, recommend to a friend, or even buy something for themselves. Most Etsy Team members who are sellers have business cards with their Etsy shop addresses on them. There are countless ways to make these cards to promote your shop, including inexpensive ways to make cards yourself, using stamps or having them printed in bulk.
To begin the swap, post publicly however your Team communicates (through email, a Flickr or Google group, etc.) announcing a call for participants in the swap. Card swaps are most effective when the swapping occurs between shops with complementary styles. Consider your target demographic and the demographic of the other shops you are swapping with.
One person should be in charge of collecting all the mailing addresses via email from participants. Set a deadline for sending in addresses (there should be an end date to the swap).
Once the emails are collected, compile a list or spreadsheet with all of the addresses. If there are fewer than 12-15 participants, send the whole spreadsheet to everyone on the list. If there are more than 15-20 participants, break the list into smaller, more manageable lists, and send each list to the members of that list.
Each participant sends a small stack of their business cards to each address on the list.
Once the cards are received, each participant includes cards from other members in packages they mail out from sales in their shop, or distributes the cards in person to potential buyers or at craft shows or markets.
Your Team can organize card swaps as often as you see fit, and organizers can take turns putting the swaps together. Enjoy! And get creative about what types of promo items and cards you swap, and how you distribute the cards you receive from the swap!

2. Studio Tour - i know that we had been kicking the idea of doing a virtual studio "tour" via simultaneous features on the team blog and individual shop blogs. i also just realized that etsy has been doing the same via the Storque - talk about reinventing the wheel!!!! LOL! the initial conversations around this idea involved featuring 2 team members every week or so - what we would need is a brief write up about your studio space, as well as any photos you might want to share with the world! at the same time, you would post about your studio space on your blog - this way, we can generate traffic to members' individual blogs too! i know that we all feel like we already know each other, but this will put a more "human" face onto who you are!

3. Online Sale Event - easy peasy, right? we all agree on a sale event that we will all run simultaneously. we can also start a shop "ring" associated with the sale where you promote another shop (or shops) in your shop announcement (which would totally rock now that etsy has enabled links to other etsy shops in the announcement section!!!)

4. Scavenger Hunt - now this would need a little more creative padding because this has the possibility of becoming quite involved. i remember entering a scavenger hunt held by a team who were all from the same city who chose a location in that city that you had to find. you had to go through the shops involved, read the profiles to find clues, and then post on their blog what you thought the answer was. (does that even make sense? geez, i need more sleep) anyway, at the end, the winners got to pick from prizes that had been donated from the team members. anyway, in a nutshell, it was quite fun. the storque featured the scramble hunt organized last year by the Plush Team - read about it here:

5. Collaborating on a Piece of Art/Grab Bag - little missindie had a great idea that she posted on our thread - she explains it pretty well here:
"we should do a giant art piece that gets sent to each member of the group that wants to participate. and the rules could be that when you get the piece in the mail you have to add something to it [something that corresponds with your shop] like add a crochet piece if you crochet or add beads if you make jewelry. then you send it to the next person on the list so that they can add their piece and so on and so forth. we could sell it and then split the cost between everyone that participated. Or donate the money to a cause."

along the same lines, the TransCanada team has formed a little collective where they collaborate on goodie bags/grab bags. their shop is here: and check out their profile as to how they make it work.

6. Weekly Team Thread - okay, i have to admit that i LOVE LOVE LOVE checking in on you guys every day since we have started the membership thread. and i find that i end up missing everyone once our trade and replaces are over... so if we had a weekly thread that started every Monday, it would be like our own virtual coffeehouse!!!! we would catch up on everyone's new items, share stories and problem solve etsy issues, and just hang out!!! (of course, if i'm the only one feeling this way, then just smack me, please!)

7. LAST BUT NOT LEAST... the all famous TRADE AND REPLACE! - yes, i admit it. i'm a junkie. and this WILL be our next team event, hopefully to run at the end of September after we compile the members' list and everyone gets back to school/work/whatever. i'd like for us to feature all new members, or members who haven't participated in a TnR before, so i will be convoing you newbies to ask if you want to participate this time around! and of course, our "old-timers" will be around to bump you off the list!!! let's show our members some LOOOVVVEEEE!!!

anyway, that's what i've come up with so far. i am dying to hear your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxoxoox muffin

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cleaning House! Active Memberships!

as everyone knows, Ak and i have been planning to clean house for some time. Our team has grown exponentially in the past few months, and we're so happy to have such great etsians as part of our community!

however, it's become quite obvious that not everyone who signs up for the team becomes an active member. and because our team is all about trading and teamwork, we'd like our members to participate in our events, and not necessarily just be a part of the team in name only.

as teams go, we're pretty low-key and low-pressure! and i'd like to think that we have fun!!!!! this is in NO way a put down on the shops that haven't participated - we do know that life gets in the way sometimes!

so, the instructions are simple. please send me a convo if you'd like to remain on the traders' team active members' list. and please participate as much as you can if you DO decide to remain on the list!

we will be planning another trade and replace event - and the studio tour - ASAP, so get cracking!!!

love you guys,
xoxoxoxo muffin

Saturday, August 2, 2008

We LOVE Trading!!!!! Plus, the "Studio Tour" and Cleaning House!

Okay, i've finally recovered from the Trade And Replace!!!! and what a fantastic time we all had! the trading was fast and furious, the goods were fabulous, and the conversations, as always, were fantastic!

i personally had about 10 trades as a result... how many did YOU do! i love everything that i've gotten so far - you gals are sooo talented!!!!!

here are some of the highlights:

"trade ho"!!!! (take a look at threeofwands' trade ho bracelet in the picture above!)

all of our wonderful new newbies!!!!!! YAY!!!

brownies, marshmallows and fudge

the trading buzz

not sleeping because of the trade addiction

there are actually too many good memories to post here.... :)

thanks again to everyone who participated - and i can't WAIT for the next one!

as most of you know, Ak and i will be "cleaning house" this month in regards to whittling down our membership list. we have quite a few people who aren't very active with the team, so we'd like to take a roll call of people who would like to remain members... but you have to promise to be active in our events! LOL! seriously though, how can you help but trade? LOLLLLLLL!!!

we also talked about doing a "studio tour" of members' workspaces here on the blog, so stay tuned for details! i think that we'll feature two members' spaces here on the team blog, each week or two, so get thinking about what you'd like to say and take some pictures of your space! (even if it's just a TV tray in front of the couch!) you can also feature your space simultaneously on your own blog!

anyway, now i'm babbling... thanks again everyone for EVERYTHING! see you all soon!

xoxoxoox muffin

Saturday, July 19, 2008

July's Trade and Replace Link

Just in case you need the link...

xoxox muffin

Friday, July 18, 2008

July's Trade and Replace!!!! THE LIST!

guys and gals.... tomorrow's the BIG day!!!!

i haven't heard from anyone yet on the starting list that they can't be part of the game this time... so here it is! or or

once again, review the blog for the "rules" of this TnR and get your shops ready! i'll be starting the thread about 6 am ETSY time, so please please please help me keep the thread up and the trading flowing!


xoxoxo muffin

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our Next TnR... and Happy Move, Ak!!!

Rumour has it that everyone's itching to get moving on the Trade and Replace!!! Hopefully everyone has gotten the email that Ak sent today! We are so looking forward to our Christmas in July... i know i'll be making my list over the next week!!!!
So grab your datebooks and mark down Saturday, July 19th, early morning ETSY time! That's when i'll start the thread, and post the link here! i'll be using the list that our last TnR ended with, so if you can't make it, please let me know and we'll replace you. you MUST be able to participate relatively actively, so please feel free to stay and chat and bump up the thread!
remember, you don't have to be a member to play in the TnR! i hope that you'll ALL be there!
i will post the list closer to the start of the TnR just so people can let me know if they'll be participating.

and while we're here... let's wish AkHotDoggies a wonderful move to her new home! we'll miss you while you're relocating... and can't WAIT for you to get back here to ETSY and your team!!!! safe travel and lots of love!!!

xoxoo muffin

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Are You Guys Ready for CHRISTMAS IN JULY???

Gang, you know you're ready... it's going to be Christmas in July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So watch your email and this blog for the date - it's coming up SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Hi all!!!
Due to the overwhelming number of new requests to join our team, we've temporarily closed membership for the summer... this definitely does NOT mean that we won't still have our trade and replaces, or other team events, just that we won't be taking on any new members.
Ak and I will be sending an email out sometime in the next few weeks to everyone who is currently on the team to inqure about membership status and whether or not they would like to continue being on our team. We do have 25 or so very active members right now - which totally ROCKS!!!!!!!! So, think about it...
If you have any questions or comments, please please please let us know! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!
xooxox AK and muffin

Monday, June 16, 2008

June's Trade & Replace... Another SUCCESS!!!!

Thanks to all the team members who made this Trade and Replace another fabulous success!!!! I know that people have already started getting their packages in the mail, and you can feel the joy!!!!!

Here are some highlights:

snitterdog, courtneywatson, eastcoastkitsch, and both knits making their trade debuts
creationsbychristina cheering up gloplace
indulgentcreations cleaning everyone up with her marvelous soaps
flamingolady trying to convince everyone that flamingos CAN make good housepets
beckynot showing off her animal saving efforts
gems' gorgeously scented stuffies
chendric, ravyen, kaleidoscope, butterfly1, echoesofstars, mimi and muffin's jewelery
kristy's red barn bakery goodies and thisisit's fabulous journals
lorain's soy candles lighting up the place
rusticdiva and heychica bouncing in and off the list multiple times
salsagal's upcoming wedding
magymai711 and lapetite's vintage stuff

I know i've missed people... but everyone knows how wonderful they are... and how wicked our team is!!!!!!!!

We'll have another next month, and the theme is Christmas in July!!!! so get your holiday lists ready and you won't have to shop come December!!!!!!

Thanks again, gang, we love ya!!!!!!!!!!

xoxoxo Ak and Muffin

Saturday, June 7, 2008



ONLY A FEW HOURS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxoxo Ak & muffin

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June's Trade & Replace Lineup!!!


The line up is as follows:

Someone posted under the blogger id "Dee" - can you give me your etsy shop name so i can add it to the list? I can't access your blogger profile to see what your shop is!!!!!

Just in case one of these shops cannot fulfill it's TnR duties, indulgentcreations ( is the alternate shop!!!!

So, go ahead and browse these shops... who are you going to bump off first? Hee hee!

xoxoox Ak and Muffin

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our New Banner!!!!!!!!! And Our WINNER - WENDIWINN!

We are sooo pleased to announce that the team has chosen the fabulous banner that we have here as our official banner!!!!!!!!!!!

And it's all thanks to our wonderful wendiwinn! ( Her talents will be adorning our blog for (hopefully) years to come!

Thanks to everyone for voting... and see you all at the Trade and Replace this weekend!!!!!!!!

xoxoox Ak and Muffin

Friday, May 23, 2008

TRADE AND REPLACE - Celebrating the Return of SPRING!

Hey fellow trade-a-holics! It's time again for another trade and replace!!!!!
We're aiming for early June, so get your shop ready!
We are starting with a new list, so if you are interested, please post your comment here! if you have any questions, write AkHotDoggies ( or Muffin ( by June 5th! We will then have the Trade and Replace the following weekend. We'd really like to see some of our new members come out and show off their talents!
If you need a refresher about how a Trade And Replace works, check this out -
Are you ready? We are!
xoxoxo Ak and Muffin
(and don't forget to vote for our banner, if you haven't already!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trade-A-Holics Design Challenge!!!!









Well, gang, the time has finally come! You all know that we have been looking for a new banner for our blog... and here are the entries!!!! The participating artists are wendiwinn (, kieutiepie (, AkHotDoggies ( and Muffin (

We will be voting for the next two weeks or so, and the winning banner/widget will be used here on the blog!

So take a look, and cast your VOTE - or two!!! (Voting is by the numbers - the winning artist will be revealed at the end of the contest!!)
Ready, set, VOTE! (and of course, Trade ON!!!)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Another Successful Trade & Replace!!!!

Once again, the traders have indulged in their addiction!!! Trade, trade and more trading went on all week long! Not to mention the chats and the support amongst these super fine etsy shops!
Some of the more memorable moments...
- Raevyn's awesome treasury
- Christina and sunraven's 'tini avatars
- Indulgent's monkey farts
- distracting butercups from her car problems
- lucie39 trading till she was too pooped to post
- beadsidesmyself and chocolate milk
- Ak getting addicted to Pouncing team members
- kolton's one eyed monsters
- shaving our legs (again? WTF?)
- and of course, food - cinnamon rolls, biscotti, and the ubiquitous FUDGE!!!!
Stay tuned to help us plan for the next Trade & Replace! We'll have a "choose the date" poll up soon, so start posting your comments here if you want to be one of the 12 to start us off next time!!!!!
Thanks again to everyone who kept us going and to all who traded!!!! Whoot whoot!
Trade on!!!
xoxox Ak and muffin

Sunday, April 20, 2008


hey all!!! today's the DAY!!!!!!!!!

come and join us over at the TRADE AND REPLACE GAME in the Promotions Forum!

the game runs from today till next Sunday at midnight!!!! the rules are the same... but you never know what you're gonna find!!!!

if you have any questions, please let Ak or Muffin know!
READY, SET, TRADE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Designer Challenge!

We're still in need of a Team Banner for our blogsite PLUS a team widget. The original deadline for submissions was April 21.

Come on, Traders!! Let's see those creations!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Are YOU Ready for the Trade And Replace????

Only ONE week to go, fellow TradeAHolics! Are YOU ready???????
xooxox AK and Muffin

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our New Tag!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the team has voted and we have our new TAG!
It looks like "TRADE ON" is the winner!!! It was quite the race till the end, but we finally have a tag to call our own! So, all etsy traders, please include "TEAM TRADE ON" as one of your tags on all items in your shop that you would be willing to trade - that way we can all find each other easily! And, once we promote the tag, others on Etsy can find and trade with us too!
Thanks to everyone again for voting - and get ready for the Trade And Replace coming up April 20th!!!!!
As always, ready, set, TRADE ON! xoxoxo Ak and Muffin

Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Info on Tagging...

Tags courtesy of the fabulous magymai711 on etsy!

FlamingoLady (our reporter on the street) just let me know that there is an article on team tagging on the Storque! Take a look... and when we know what acronym we'll be using, we can all make sure that we're doing it properly - AND in the same way!

thanks, FlamingoLady ( !!! and thanks magymai711 ( for making such fantastic tags!!!!

xoxoox muffin

Friday, April 4, 2008

TRADE & REPLACE - the tribe has spoken!

Okay, no one has been voted off the planet - we don't vote people off here at the TradeAHolics!!!!


the tribe HAS spoken and our next TnR will start SUNDAY, APRIL 20th, 2008!!!! Ak or I (who ever is up first) will start the TnR thread in the Promotions forum in the early morning, ETSY time (which is Eastern Standard). The list will be made up of the shops that ended the last TnR - unless they are unable to participate. (just convo either one of us and let us know)

So, make sure that you can stay and play, make sure your shop is stocked, and make sure that you are ready to TRADE!!!!!!

A quick reminder - don't forget to vote on the team tag and don't forget to get designing on the widget and the banner!!!!

Ready, set, TRADE ON!!!!!

xoxooxox AK and Muffin

(thanks to cafepress for making the fabulously funny tote bag!)

here is the list that will start the TnR - it is the last list that was posted when we closed the thread.

this is the list from the last pages of the thread: - wonderful beads, fabric and quilting/sewing
notions - has jewelry and fiber arts! - great jewelry and cards. - the most amazing fine art prints and bags! or - sweet jewelry for pets and humans! Plus a suave new line of "supplies" - has fabulous jewelry! - has lovely jewelry! - beautiful semiprecious jewelry!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

TEAM CHALLENGE!!!! Designing our Team Identity... and Tagging!

Attention all you designers!!!!

We'll be holding two separate Design Challenges this month!!!! Read 'em and weep!

1) Design a banner for the team blog website!!!!

2) Design a team widget. Once the widget has been decided on by the team, we will incorporate code so when the widget is clicked on, the user will be directed to the team website. Team members can attach the widget to their blog or website.

Designs are due in 3 weeks, Monday, April 21st. Email your entries to Ak or Muffin by that date and we'll post them here! Feel free to enter as many times as you wish!!! Two separate polls will be set up so team members can vote on their favorite for each category.

and part two.... TAGGING!

No, we're not talking about a huge team game of tag (but wouldn't that be fun????)

The fabulous FlamingoLady asked, "What about team tagging?" Excellent question! Yeah, so what about it? As an easy search tool for team members and buyers or traders, please identify your tradable items with 'Tradeaholics Team'. A suggestion for non-members of the Etsy Trade-A-Holics Team who like to trade is to tag their tradeables with the tag 'trade'. In the next few days, AK will incorporate a search link from the Team website for all items with the team tag, "Tradeaholics Team" and another search link from the trading list blog for all items with the 'trade tag'. This makes it easier to see what talent is out there... and narrow down your list!!!!

Of course, this just might make your "to have at all costs" list even longer!!!! FYI - creationsbychristina had already started tagging some of her items this way!!!! Yay to our brownie queen!
Ak also just sent around an email asking for ideas about an acronym for our team - Etsy TradeAHolics is quite long to use as a tag, LOL!
Here's a few: THT ( Trade-A-Holics Team)TAH ( Trade-A-Holics)ETT ( Etsy Trade-A-Holics Team)ETAH ( Etsy Trade-A-Holics) Okay, folks! We want to hear back from you. Let us know how you want to tag your items!! Add your suggestion to this post and we'll put up a poll ASAP!

So get designing, get tagging, and as always, TRADE ON!!!!

xoxoox AK & muffin

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Next TnR!!!!

Everyone's been asking... when's the next Trade and Replace?

Let's decide TOGETHER!

i've put a poll up on the sidebar - vote for the week you'd like to have it! because it IS a whole week, it is a little bit of a committment to keep the thread alive... and to have enough stuff to trade!!!!!!!!!

so, VOTE, and we'll have one soon!!!!!!!!

xoxoox AK and muffin

p.s. we can't stop listening to the "soundtrack" - it makes us think of you guys!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Packages, Packages and MORE Packages!!!!

so i got home from work today and the husband yelled, "Hey babe, you got a lot of packages!" and he was so RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! i've already received the first of the trades i made during our TnR... i was soooo thrilled! i know that i'm probably not the only one, but i just had to tell everyone just how happy i was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope you all had similar visits to the mailbox today!
xoxoox muffin

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Sweet Trading Success... And the Official Soundtrack!

i think that the Trade & Replace this week has to be our most successful team event so far! i lost count of the trades that we did after the first day, LOL! but that means we all got some awesome exposure, some amazing trades, and wonderful new members! such a fabulous time - there was definitely a lot of laughing, chatting and of course, FUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we will do it again next month, and the list will be the last list from this TnR thread! so be ready! AK and i will convo the people on that list before we start and make sure that they are still in on it... just in case though, post here if you'd like to take someone's place if they can't participate!
this is the list from the last pages of the thread: - wonderful beads, fabric and quilting/sewing
notions - has jewelry and fiber arts! - Wonderfully sweet and kind seller with great jewelry and cards. - the most amazing fine art prints and bags! or - sweet jewelry for pets and humans! Plus a suave new line of "supplies" - has fabulous jewelry! - has lovely jewelry! - beautiful semiprecious jewelry!
our "mixed tape" soundtrack idea was also born from this event, and i'm proud to unveil Volume One! "trade on! the official soundtrack" is now available, and is a true team collaboration - thanks to everyone who posted their songs!
check out my other shop to get it!
thanks again to everyone for this fabulous event! can't WAIT for the next one!
trade on!
xoxoxo Ak and Muffin

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"trade on! the official soundtrack"

i'm always curious to know what people like to listen to, especially when they are crafting! i'm also quite nostalgic about the whole "mixed tape" concept (RIP sweet cassettes!) so, we've come up with a really neat idea that will help us to get to know each other better!

this is what it is:

post your favorite song here in the comments section.
when i get to 18 or so, i will compile a CD and list it in my MuffinTopsyTurvy shop ( , where they will be on sale for just 0.20 plus postage!
make sure you also let me know if you are interested in having one of these "soundtracks", so i will know how many to list.


1. Come Together - the beatles
2. Hey Ya! - outkast
3. Stuttering - ben's brother
4. I'm Waking Up to Us - belle & sebastian
5. Without You - Harry Nilsson
6. Chain of Fools - aretha franklin
7. Either Way - wilco
8. Ballroom Blitz - sweet
9. Little Red Corvette - prince
10. Ana Ng - they might be giants
11. International Harvester - Craig Morgan
12. Kiss - prince
13. I've Always Loved You - 3rd Day
14. Destiny - zero 7
15. Try A Little Tenderness - otis redding
16. It Never Entered my Mind - miles davis
17. Just Like Heaven - katie melua
18. Oh It's So Quiet - bjork
19. I Can See Clearly Now - jimmy cliff
20. Made To Love - tobyMac

xoxoox muffin

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Trade And Replace Continues...

... i can't even keep count of all the trades that have happened on our thread! there are even trades happening behind the scenes of the thread! how awesome is that?
Get your holiday shopping done EARLY! come and join us!
we're even kicking around the idea of having team t-shirts! how WICKED would THAT be???
Trade on, Etsy TradeAHolics... trade on.
xoxo muffin

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The TRADE n REPLACE is ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bannerator says it all... to recover from March Break burnout, we're having our first trade n replace!
Here's the thread - jump on it! We're trading ALL WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! The rules are on the thread as well. To you guys who posted here, TRADE IN!!!!!!
xoxoox AK & muffin

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Newbie Traders' Guide - Volume One!

Because we have so many wonderful new people joining our team, I'm posting some general trade rules so that we're all on the same page! Trading is fun and wonderful and hopefully this helps people negotiate the wild world of trade-a-holism safely!!!! You'll get addicted, just like we did!
Rule 1 - Approach your prospective tradee (the person you want to trade with) via convo. Tell them that you like their stuff (obviously you do, LOL) and ask if they are willing to trade. It helps if you already have an item in mind. Be clear as well about what in your shop you are willing to trade for. You DON'T have to open your whole shop to trades!
Rule 2 - Wait for a response - and don't get your knickers in a knot because they say no. I've gone on a trading break when I get a little "traded out" - and that's okay. If you are the tradee, be nice about turning someone down. It's kinda like dating - let them down easy! :)
Rule 3 - If you both agree to trade, make sure that the trade is fair, and don't forget to include your shipping costs! I usually make sure that if there is a difference of $2 or more, to encourage them to choose more. Fairness rules!!!!

Rule 4 - "Purchase" the items from each other's shops - BUT DON'T PAY (unless you are trading for cash (as quiltnut60 says) but then that's buying, LOL)
Rule 5 - Ship at the same time!
Rule 6 - When you get your item, leave positive feedback!
And voila! Both parties gets something fabulous, both parties get a "sale", and both parties build up their positive feedback! Everyone wins!
There are variations on the trading theme - but these seem to be the general rule.
I hope these made sense and helps make your trade experience easier! It's so great to be able to own a great piece of handmade artistry by trading one of your own!!!!!!!!!!
Addicted yet? I AM!!!!!!!
xoxoox muffin

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blog Feature Game

Muffin & I have come up with another little promo event and wanted to see if anybody out there is interested.

To participate:
1) Have a blog
2) Have enough information about your and/or your art located in either your blog or your Etsy profile for someone to create a feature on you.

How to play:
1) From the number of participating blogs, we'll match up all the shops. Members will not know which blog is doing their feature.
2) Each person will have from Monday, March 10th until the end of Friday, March 14 to post their assigned feature.
3) Participants will needs to hunt thru the blogs to find the blog featuring them. This will increase traffic to each participating blog and help us all to get to know each other.
4) Additionally, we will have a thread in the Promo forum for all of us to keep current on the goings ons and bring even more traffic to your blog and your shop.
5) We'll be sending out blog assignments tomorrow (Sunday, March 9th)

As of Saturday, we have 10 members that are participating!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


We are pleased to announce that the winner of the TradeAHolics Challenge is our very own Tiffany Teske!!!!
Tiffany's artwork is so amazing... you HAVE to go take a look! Her etsy shop is She also has a website -, and two blogs, Art&Food at and ETSYBuzz, at
Her shop is filled with her beautiful polaroid transfers and pendants made from her artwork. I am surprised that she even has the TIME to make all her gorgeous pieces, as she is also a wife and mother! A huge fan of guerrila marketing, she also promotes other artists and continues to showcase her work in real life venues.
Congrats for winning the challenge, Tiffany! WE LOVE YOU!!!!
And the other best part...
rhino wins AkHotDoggies' scarf
fitdeaf gets PresentsForPirates notebook
heylady receives MuffinTop's earrings!
Winners, you can go and "purchase" the prizes from each shop! CONGRATULATIONS!
and a special thanks to everyone who participated and voted!
the polls are now closed! :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the Entries Are....


Here is the list of the current entries! You will find the poll on the sidebar!

This is what you need to do:

Vote for your favorite item. Then POST A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG POST stating that you voted! (you don't need to say who you voted for, LOL!)

On March 2nd, we will draw names from the people that voted and hand out prizes!!!!!


by muffintopdesigns

by presentsforpirates


And these are the prizes for our lucky voters!

So come take a look, browse, and VOTE!

Don't forget to post a comment letting us know that you did vote so we can enter you into the draw!

xoxoox muffin & Ak

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

'Old Stuff Day' Check In!

Just doing a check in on the progress of everyone's 'Old Stuff Day' creations! You still have 3 days to have your entry listed in your shop - plenty of time for talented crafters like us! We already have 4 prizes donated - thanks to CreationsbyChristina & PresentsforPirates! Ak and I will also be donating items!

A couple of last minute things:

1. Don't forget to put "Etsy TradeAHolics Challenge" in your title
2. Don't forget to convo/email Ak or myself with your link so we can post it here
3. Make sure that you get the word out to every person you know! We'll be taking votes from everyone and anyone that can vote - not just fellow Etsians!!!

We will NOT be posting pictures of the items here on the blog - we want everyone to have to visit your shops in order to enter! WE WANT TRAFFIC!!!!!!

Prizes will be awarded to the winner with the most votes, and then we will do a draw from the people who voted! Everybody wins!!!!!!

So, you better have your craft on!!!!!

xoxoxo muffin

Saturday, February 23, 2008

1st Traders' Challenge - 'OLD STUFF DAY'!!!!!!

I'm so happy and soooo excited to introduce the first TradeAHolics' Challenge event!

March 2 is 'Old Stuff Day'!!!!! (bet you didn't know that, did you? well, we did our research!)

'Old Stuff Day' is not a day to do the same old stuff. Rather, it's a time to recognize the boring nature of your daily routine, and make some exciting changes.... a day to find new and different activities, projects, and hobbies... attend an event. Do something, anything, different.

The Etsy TradeAHolics team is hosting a quick and dirty "Old Stuff Day" promo event! Members, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is:

1. Create something brand new. Totally, unbelievably different from what you usually have in your shop - use a new material that you've been dying to try, branch off into a new crafting direction, throw around colours that you never use!

2. Post the item in your shop - make sure you mention that it's a TradeAHolics' Challenge item! You never know what kind of sales you'll get!

3. Convo Ak or Muffin with your link and we'll post it on the blog.

4. We're going to put a poll up on the blog as well so people can vote for their favourites! The winner will get a HUGE feature on the blog and lots of admiration and adoration from fellow team members!

We'd also like to offer a prize to anyone that votes and posts a comment, so if anyone would like to "donate" a prize, that would be wonderful - let us know by Monday, February 25th!

THE DEADLINE TO HAVE YOUR ITEM FINISHED AND LISTED IN YOUR ETSY SHOP IS FEBRUARY 29th. We told you it was going to be quick and dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any questions? Let us know!
Ready, set... craft on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxoxo Ak and Muffin

Friday, February 22, 2008

Get Your Trade On!

I had the pleasure of participating in a trading game last nite. This event occurs every Thursday starting at 9 pm eastern and is sponsored by EtsyFriends.

Here's a run down of how the game works:

Once there are 10 stores participating, the moderator will request everyone to Convo your 4 choices of shops you wish to trade with. Then the moderator will match everyone up in order of convo received, (if you send your convo early you will be pushed to the end of the line for not following the rules. The moderator will post the list with your name first and the store you will "buy from" next to it.

When you see this list you will go to that store, pick out an $8 item(s) (NO MORE AND NO LESS than $8 total before shipping) you will add it to your shopping cart and check out, BUT DO NOT PAY! If you pay for the item, which means that you did not read my instructions and you will be out of some money.

Everyone will pay to ship the item from their shop, if you are worried about not coming out even; don't list a heavy $8 item.

*you MUST have at least 5 items listed in your store for $8 each for your buyer to have the option of what they want
*You may ONLY pick one $8 item from the store you are given.
*You can choose items under $8 as long as they equal $8 before shipping!
*PLEASE so we know where the sales are coming from in the notes section put TRADE GAME.

EtsyFriends is an Etsy Street team with shops that sell a variety of items. They are a team for building friendships, and promoting each other. They also have a separate shop that members donate items to sell for charity, but are much more than that. Use the tag "etsyfriends" to find items listed by their members.

Be sure to check out their blog!

Come out on Thursday nites to get your TRADE ON!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I've just started blogging. And got addicted. And pulled my shoulder from spending too much time on the computer blogging.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one though, LOL! And I KNOW that I'm not! So Ak, bead and I want to SEE your blogs - and we want to put links to all of our traders' blogs here on our big blog so that the world can get to know us!!!!!!!!

Right now, shoot off a comment to this post with your blog title (the way you'd like it to appear here) and blog address and we'll whip up the list of links lickety split!

For example,

this is my blog title - "Inside the Muffin Top Shop"
and my blog address is

Ak's is - "an Adventure in Color"

bead's is

Just another way for us all to promote each other and promote the team - and maybe eventually, we'll all have links to each other's blogs on our pages... wouldn't that be fab? Like linking us all from wherever we are in the world....

Now I'm getting sentimental. Go right now and post your link.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Next Event... We Need Your Feedback!

We're starting to plan for our March Madness event and we need your opinion! I'm putting up a poll, so take a minute to cast your vote! We'll tabulate the results over the next three weeks and aim to have the event starting Friday, March 14th, 2008!

The descriptions of the games are as follows:
Trade & Replace - exactly like a Buy & Replace - except no money exchanges hands. There will be 10 names on the list, and people who want to "trade in" will have to negotiate with whomever they want to bump off for a trade... of course, if you want to BUY in, how can we say no?

Secret Admirer - the people who want to participate throw their names in the ring, and you will be sent another trader's name to whom you will send a "secret admirer" gift. Everyone will state their preferences so that the person receiving your name can sort of tailor the gift to that person. You won't know who has your name - and they won't know who you have... until the very end! This one is a little less "public" - it will probably generate less traffic from outside etsians, but is sweet nonetheless.

Secret Trader - very much like the Secret Shopper game, where there are 10 - 20 people on a list, and they are given a time frame from which to "purchase" from someone who they have been matched up to. There is a spending limit set, and everyone gets "matched" to a shop from whom they "purchase" from. Only in this one, no money is exchanged and the seller pays for shipping - everyone gets a sale and a "trade"!!!!

Traders' Tag - there are 10 - 15 people on the list, and a set "spending" limit - someone is chosen to start and they choose 1 shop from which to "purchase" from. When they are finished shopping, the person from whom they shopped from goes next and chooses a shop from which to shop from. And so on, until everyone gets a "sale". Once again, no money is exchanged and the seller pays for shipping - and everyone gets a sale and a "trade".

Scavenger Hunt - this one is a little trickier - we choose something to "hide" in one of the etsy trader team members' shops. All of the other shops will have clues inside them that leads to the "prize", but outside etsians have to go searching through the shops to find them. Gets tons of traffic and tons of views... and perhaps sales if someone finds something they like!

I might have botched these descriptions - AK, feel free to edit me if I have been wrong. It's early here and I haven't had my tea yet, LOL!!!!! I hope that this helps!

READY, SET, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trade on!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxox muffin

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Party was a SUCCESS!!!! And so fun to boot!

Well, we've had 5 amazing sales, some fabulous trades, and some awesome new members as a result of our PARTY!!!! If you ask me, that's pretty great for our first team event!!!
Here are some highlights:
- the stomping of the crickets
- fudge and caramels
- about a million new listings by addictedtoyarn, muffintop, christina, and lucie39
- Ak getting the flu but sleeping next to the party
- over 200 unique views on the Treasury
- rusticrainbow, quiltnut and windtwirler getting rowdy
- chubbytrubby and bamdesigns bringing down the house
- some random leg shaving and lots of chocolate cravings
So much fun all around, I didn't think it would be so great!

Ak, bead and I are going to run a poll over the next couple of weeks to see what our March event should be... rumour has it that perhaps a TRADE and REPLACE is in order... but we'll see what the tribe decides!!!

We are still taking new members for the Street Team, so let Ak, beadelicious or myself know if you want in - or even if you just want on the traders' list!

Come on and join us!!! xoxoxo muffin

Friday, February 8, 2008


Come check out our BnR Party on Etsy!!



We are going to have a weekend long sales party in the Promotions Forum starting tonight at 6 pm ETSY Time! (Eastern Standard Time)

We'd like our members to think of a sale they would like to run in their shop - like 20% off all jewelry, or have several items (or even one!) for sale for a special price just for the thread. If you'd like to be included in the first round, convo AKHotDoggies and we'll will include the first 7 who reply to start off the thread.

for example: - 20% off all jewelry until the end of the sale! include "etsy trade promo" in your notes to seller when you checkout and wait for a revised paypal invoice!!!!

We're doing this BNR style. We are opening the promo to all shops, even if they're not members and run it all weekend long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YIPPEE! and keep your eyes peeled for the Party Thread!

xoxo muffin