Saturday, August 21, 2010

team treasuries! go team TRADEAHOLICS!

We have a new forum thread on ning. It is for team treasuries!! A few members have pointed out that we should be using the treasuries to promote our team - get team members sales and maybe on the front page! So we are encouraging members to go out and make treasuries featuring team members. We have a very large team (858 members), and if we view, click and comment on each others team treasuries it could go a long way towards promoting and getting sales!! So we started a forum to post treasuries that you make featuring team members. Even if you don't make a treasury, please take a look at the thread and go to the treasuries that other members post. It only takes a small amount of time, and it is so helpful. Click and comment!!
(treasury courtesy of the lovely huggermugger!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TIME TO VOTE! August's TradeAHolics' Design Challenge

so, without further ado, here are your design challenge submissions for this month's theme - "a diamond in the rough"! please take the time to check out the talents of your fellow tradeaholics' (you can click on the links underneath each photo to see the full listing) and VOTE for your favorite on the sidebar! you have till august 25th to vote, at which time, the winner will be announced! thank you to all the shops that entered... we LOVE seeing what inspires you!




feel free to blog, tweet, facebook this challenge - the more votes, the better!