Monday, December 14, 2009

readingbunky's holiday poem!!!!!!!!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through etsy land
All sellers were so tired that they hardly could stand.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
Hoping that St Nicholas (or the sales fairy) soon would be there.
The Tradeaholics were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of more trades danced in their heads.
And Admin in their cowls, and the rest in their caps,
Figured no more Christmas sales so time for some naps.
When from the chat rooms there arose such a clatter,
I quickly logged in to see what was the matter.
Away to the chat room I flew like a flash,
But was met with the hamster I wanted to bash.
So off to the forums I decided to go,
Everyone there would be in the know.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But everyone on etsy sharing Christmas cheer.
Hearts were given, so many and quick,
I knew etsians were filled with the spirit of St Nick.
More rapid than eagles all shops joined in,
And not to join in would have been a great sin!
There’s jewelry! And purses! And holiday fluff!
There’s pottery! And vintage! And all sorts of paper stuff!
There’s clothing and baked goods! And art for your wall!
Now twitter it! Blog it! Facebook it all!
As buyers and sellers came together with joy,
The threads were topics all could enjoy.
With no threads to be closed and no calling out
The etsy community knew what Christmas was all about.
All showcases were available to celebrate the season,
Trust me on this – I’m really not teasin’.
In alchemy all bids were accepted – every one!
And the CPSIA rules had to be followed by none.
The front page, it made everyone happy,
With a variety of items that were cool, not sappy.
The Featured Seller was all of us – but how?
That’s just the magic of Christmas I’m telling you now.
The avatars, how they twinkled! The banners how merry!
Everything was so festive and cute like a kawaii cherry!
Treasury and Treasury West were open to all,
Everyone on etsy was having a ball!
Even Paypal charged no fees on this festive night,
And regretsy was no where, no where in sight.
The owls from the front page hooted with glee
And the gift guides were filled with all things shiny!
I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas gift to all of you,
As I have met so many wonderful people I never before knew.
And I would like to exclaim, with all of my might,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"
by Kathy Jo Bohlke aka readingbunky
happy holidays, all!!!!!! xoxoxo

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trade and Stay Hangover!!

we've been cleaning up in the aftermath of the TnS event - and boy, it was FABULOUS! with 202 shops (i think) on the list and over 2000 trades when the dust cleared, i think we certainly had ourselves one heck of a holiday party!!!! (and will be avoiding our etsy bills when they arrive!)
without further ado, here are our trade winners!
the NEW trade ho is the terrific sassygrace! she will take home our wonderful first place prize package and the Trade Ho certificate!!!
designsbyginalouise and nitelily3 were our runners-up this time around and will be awarded the second & third place prizes respectively! so, winners, please contact the donor shops for your prizes!!!!!
thanks to everyone who participated - and especially to the listmaster crew! we will be having the next event once all the trades from this one have been received - so most likely in the new year!!!! you guys rock!!!!
p.s. i found the pool boy wandering around tripping on something funny. someone come get him and put him to bed, please!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

December's Trade and Stay Event DETAILS!


here is the link to the TNS thread:


THIS MONTH'S PRIZES (not that you guys need any incentive to trade!)

First Place – Official Trade Princess/Ho Certificate from justgivemepeace
$10 Gift Certificate from Raevyn77 (redeemable in any of her shops)
$10 Gift Certificate from muffintopdesigns
Choice of Photo from charmingmittens ( from proteales

Second Place from somethingolde from chrystalyn
$10 gift certificate from muffintopdesigns

Third Place - from Beadacious1221
a $10 Gift Certificate from designedbyginalouise
20 pack of assorted 2 x 2" cards from peculiarparchment

you ready? TRADE ON!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December's Trade and Stay Event!

hello traders!!! we're gearing up and getting ready for this weekend's TnS event! the 10 starter shops have been chosen via and the list is here! just some reminders:

- the event starts early on saturday (approximately 5am EST - i'm not sure what time that is overseas) and goes till 11:59pm EST monday. we will send everyone the link to the thread and post it on the blog as well.
- please remember your manners and respond to all convos – even if your answer is no!
- use the tag "team trade on" to identify your tradeable items, or put a trade section in your shop
- remember to keep your trades equal – you should be trading for the amount of the item PLUS shipping – but please don’t inflate your shipping costs!
- Once your trade is complete, please post a link to the transaction so we can all see what you got! It makes it easier for us to count trades this way – if you just state that you are trading with someone, it makes it difficult to count. (plus we only count “official” trades!)
- Please do not change your prices to 0.20 cents. This is fee avoidance and can get our team shut down.
- Teach newbies to trade and be gentle!!!
- Treat trades like sales – ship promptly and leave appropriate feedback! If you are happy, let future buyers and traders know with glowing feedback! If, after several attempts to make the trade right, you are unhappy (you didn't get your item, you got a different item and the seller doesn't want to ship the item you ordered, etc), leave feedback telling that. Just because it is a trade, it is no reason that it should be treated any differently than a sell. You are getting an item for your time and merchandise, sometimes more valuable than money!!! If negative feedback is called for, leave negative feedback.
- The list will be updated by our official listmasters, so please be patient – just trade and leave the work to us!! This way, the list stays accurate!
- Please trade in moderation – don’t trade more than you can handle! (it is addicting, but after the dust settles, you’ll be packing for days!!!)

without further ado, here is the list! and and

we also have prizes for the biggest traders - thanks to the shops that have generously donated items! the prizes will be posted ASAP!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tradeaholics' $10 and under sale!!!!

the team is hosting a fantastic, pre-Black Friday $10 and under sale! starting this friday, all of these shops will have items on sale for $10 and under! beat the holiday rush and snap up some great deals! use the tag "TRADE10" to search for sale items!

here are the participating shops: - handmade pride items, purses, totes, books, journals, and more - Bags of the month, totes, and other sewn goodies - handmade necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets - handcrafted, one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry -- Crochet goods and stickers - artistic and jeweled creativity - Unique Ceramic Jewelry Pieces - Polymer clay jewellery, lip balm and more - fun accessories and necessities for kids! - sachets, christmas ornaments, coasters, wine bags and such – soy - clay pendants, charms, monsters, fairy homes, mini sculptures and more - handcrafted fine silver and gemstone jewelry - Beaded, Awareness, and Metal-Free Jewelry, reflections, Vintage, other - semiprecious jewelry & gemstone holiday fare (wine charms, ornaments) - Handmade household cleaners, wool dryer balls, and cleaning zine - Vintage: pottery, kitchen, dishes, figurines, linens, paper, decor and more pet treats and more for your fur babies! Artfully Handmade Jewelry - Handmade Jewelry - homemade goodies, jams, candies, bath and body - Fused glass jewelry, art and home décor - Fun and Unique Ribbon Characters, Hair Bows, Pins, Ribbon Bookmarks, Headbands, and Ornaments. - Quirky, Elegant, Eclectic & Charm, jewelry for every occasion and whim Soy Candles, Soap, and Gems for your holidays - Felt Barrettes, Crowns, Pony tails, Headbands, Holders - hand painted polymer and wood pendants - natural toys; window stars; art kits and supplies; patterns; greeting cards; and homeschool resources. sale items in trade 10 section of shop, earrings, keychains, cell phone charms - fudge, fudge, and new candy listings for the holidays - goats milk soap and sewn holiday gifts - polaroid artwork, jewelry, gifts, and more! Handmade jewelry and bookmarks - Handmade Jewelry, Accessories, & Gifts - Yarn, Beads and Fabric for your next crafting project - Darling friendship bracelets for all ages! - Zen/Visionary and Traditional Art (Paintings, Prints, ACEOs, Pendants - Specializing in affordable eclectic and gorgeous jewelry & accessories.
LittleAlleyCatDesign - Shop Banners, Business Cards, Graphic Design bags,journals,pencil cups,pillows,cup cozies,etc.-everything ecofriendly - Fun paper crafts including: scrapbooks, cards, tags, clipboards and altered journals - plantable cards and beaded creations - Fun, chic, and customisable accessories. - vintage and - craft supplies for anything and - handmade goodies - Bags of all sorts plus crocheted scarves, hats and cloths - handbags, jewelry, home décor Fun and creative soaps, lotions, candles and more for the entire family and all friends. - (jewellry) -(clothes and jewellry) Affordable Paper Goodness, Note Pads, Seals, Cards, Planners Patterns, Vintage, Garden art- Country Goods! - jewellery, lingerie, clothing and organza clippies - sterling silver, copper and brass stacking rings & semiprecious jewelry - beads, earrings, chokers, jewelry, gourd art and natural soaps - Bags, clothing and other sewn accessories - fun and chic hair accessories and jewelry - Pop Culture Tees and Vinyl wall decals. - soy candles, reed diffusers, sachets & home fragrances - gemstone & glass bead jewelry supplies - Crocheted items, for fun and warmth, table and body. Fun Beaded Jewelry - Trinket Tins and other good stuff! - Crochet accessories, housewares and much more! - Fun notecards, dog toys, and holiday gifts all under $10 - Handmade - Handmade seed bead - Handmade cards and tags - Fun & Unique Cloth Womens Products, Bags & Accessories - jewelry, tote bags and baby gifts - stocking stuffers and more! - charms and - vintage image cds and jewelry - Jewelry, Beaded Ornaments, Ceramic Coasters, Loose Beads and More decorated eggs,gourds,seashell and more! - Beach-themed jewelry and home décor - vintage jewelry, household and more - handcrafted sterling and gemstone and personalized - handmade housewares ~ eclectic array of handmade goods, jewelry and accessories - simple and modern jewelry - handmade jewelry for all styles of people from vintage to funky - natural body care - cloth menstrual pads, nursing pads, baby quilts, diaper bags and more! heaven. - handmade cards and gift tags featuring hand carved stamp designs - scrapbook, jewelrymaking and crafting supplies - Sassy purses, tees, pet collars and accessories crafted from vintage neckties! - vintage inspired jewelry, cozy knits, geekery and kawaii goods - jewelry, accesories, pine neddle baskets, keepsake boxes - vintage books, collectibles, pottery, and clothing, - original art, crafts, sewn items, fabric, and - Photographic Tendencies and Fine Prints - Girly accessories, tutus and more! - Paper - The boy shop Paper art, origami, and other delights - ecofriendly journals, notepads, jewelry, and - recycled sterling silver wire and handmade paper - jewelry, photography, destash and more! - Fab Handbags and Fun Accessories - wristlet keychains, quilted bags, hot pads, table runners, coasters, awareness items and more - jewelry, children's items, paper products - vintage, destash, and recreated items. (Regency & Civil War era items) for fashion followers and collectors -(clothes and jewellry) treasures from trash! - Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Vintage and Supplies - Bath and Body Products

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunday's FRENZY Start List!

thanks to everyone who convoed me - this team ROCKS!

without further ado... here is your start list! (we are 11 shops again because we had a tie) or

no fair negotiating trades before we start, lol! if you have questions about how a Frenzy works, check out the rules of the Trade and Stay events on ning or shoot either one of us a convo!

xoxox muffin & raevyn

FRENZY details!

hi all!
well, it's official!
we're having ourselves a Trading FRENZY!!!!

what is a Frenzy, you ask? it's the same as a trade and stay, except it's only limited to a short, limited time!!!! hence... the trading will be even faster and more frenzied!

here are the details:

where: in the Promotions forum - raevyn will start the thread and send the location to everyone via ning.when: sunday, october 25th, 2009

time: 12 noon to midnight EST

how can you get on the start list? CONVO - and only convo - muffintopdesigns with "frenzy" in the subject line. indicate your shop(s) url and what you sell. (i.e. - jewelry ) that way it will be easier to keep us organized! i'll be taking the first TEN shops only!!!!

are you ready? you only have 2 1/2 days to stock up your shop!!!! :) if you have any questions, let me or raevyn77 know!!! yay for the FRENZY!!!!

xo muffin

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anyone Up for a FRENZY?

yeah, we're addicted. we were chatting on the forum thread today and the idea of a trade frenzy before the next TnS came up.
so, here we are.
go vote on the sidebar for the day that works best for you - i think we might only go 12 hours this time... just to make it a little more interesting!!!!!!!
whoot whoot!!!!!!! GO VOTE!
xoxox muffin & raevyn

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bye Bye Google Emails!

how far we've come since our early days as newbie tradeaholics! we are now fabulously organized, thanks to raevyn, over on our ning site! plus, there are almost 100 people who haven't confirmed their google membership, so it's pretty obvious that ning is the way to go!

this means that i'll be closing down our google group, where our mailing list was. any group messages will now be sent through ning, so make sure that your email address is accurate over there. i've sent notifications via ning and google, so hopefully everyone will be informed. i apologize in advance to anyone who uses the google emails to keep in touch, but this is going to be way easier for raevyn and myself.

anyhoo... thanks again for putting up with us while we try to make things easier and more streamlined for everyone! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And Our Winners Are....

It's totally awesome how wicked our Trade and Stay event was!!!!! amazing shops, fantastic trades, wonderful chats... could it get any better????

but - without further ado... here are our winners!

DIVINE CANINE (with 57 trades) is the newly crowned Trade-Ho! she wins:

The official certificate from justgivemepeace -
A Trade-Ho bracelet from ReadingBunky!
A $10.00 gift certificate to KarolsTreasures
A $10.00 gift certificate to NativeBeads
A Wand for the Queen Ho-Ho courtesy of TheGirlyPlace
And gets to be featured on the Tradeaholics Official Blog!
we had a tie for second place - with 45 trades each! so.... our gals are...

the fabulous BOOBOOMONSTERS!
she will receive a $20.00 gift Certificate from Simply Raevyn Which can be used at any of her three shops!
A $10.00 gift Certificate from Kim Creative
And a Hand crocheted Beanie with a clip from PiggytailsBoutique
The talented SPARTASOAP will receive, Ta!Dah!
A $20.00 Gift Certificate from MuffinTopDesigns!
a $10.00 gift Certificate from Simply Raevyn Which can be used at any of her three shops!
A Pocket mirror, your choice from JustGiveMePeace
And a hair clippie from PiggytailsBoutique

congrats, ladies!!!! contact the sellers for your prizes!!!!! (and before anyone says anything, raevyn doesn't qualify because she runs the team, LOL!!!)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

October's Trade and Stay Thread!

you guys ready?

(sorry it's so early but i was up and thought i'd make good use of being awake LOL!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October's Trade and Stay Start List!

you guys are very very fast. lol! the minute i sent out the email asking for starter shops, i had my 10!
so.... without further ado, here they are:

and, this time around, we have PRIZES!!!! (as if you guys need any incentive to trade!)

The newly crowned Trade-Ho takes home the Official Title
A Trade-Ho bracelet from ReadingBunky!
A $10.00 gift certificate to Divine Creations for your four legged Love
A $10.00 gift certificate to KarolsTreasures
A $10.00 gift certificate to NativeBeads
A Wand for the Queen Ho-Ho courtesy of TheGirlyPlace
And gets to be featured on the Tradeaholics Official Blog!
1st runner up (2nd prize) will receive a $20.00 gift Certificate from Simply Raevyn Which can be used at any of her three shops!A $10.00 gift Certificate from Kim Creative
And a Hand crocheted Beanie with a clip from PiggytailsBoutique
And 2nd runner up (3rd prize) will receive, Ta!Dah!
A $10.00 Gift Certificate from MuffinTopDesigns!
A Pocket mirror, your choice from JustGiveMePeace
And a hair clippie from PiggytailsBoutique

thanks to EVERYONE who convoed me - it is so fantastic to see such eager traders! so get ready for Saturday!!! i will post the link to the thread here, on the chat thread, on ning and via the email list.

xoxox muffin and raevyn

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


the wonderful madebymidnight created all of these buttons for us to use as promo material on our blogs! steal 'em, snatch 'em, put 'em EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! thank you, midnight!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

$5 Tradeaholics Team Event!

the lovely booboomonsters has agreed to spearhead our very first TradeTeam $5 sale! in a nutshell, the TradeTeam $5 Sales event is a super easy sale. All participating shops have to do is have $5 items in their shop on the day of the sale... each shop can have as many $5 items as they wish. The $5 event highlights items in your shop that are $5.00, whether that is their regular price or a sale price.
More details to follow... including how to sign up for this event! what we need right now is to set a date - so go to the sidebar and VOTE!
remember, this is a SALE, not a trading event, LOL!!! we gotta pay our trading fees!
xoxoxo muffin, raevyn77 and booboomonsters
P.S. we have a sign up link now - so go here if you want to participate!

Monday, September 7, 2009


happy fall, everyone!!!! the summer was fantastic for trading and the team has tons of new members! in honour of this, we're posting "Trading 101" - both as an intro to our newbies and a refresher for the rest of us!!!

Trading is fun and wonderful and hopefully this helps people negotiate the wild world of trade-a-holism safely!!!! You'll get addicted, just like we did!

Rule 1 - Approach your prospective tradee (the person you want to trade with) via convo. Tell them that you like their stuff (obviously you do, LOL) and ask if they are willing to trade. It helps if you already have an item from their shop in mind. Be clear as well about what in your shop you are willing to trade for. You DON'T have to open your whole shop to trades!

Rule 2 - Wait for a response - and don't get your knickers in a knot because they say no. I've gone on a trading break when I get a little "traded out" - and that's okay. If you are the tradee, be nice about turning someone down. It's kinda like dating - let them down easy! :)

Rule 3 - If you both agree to trade, make sure that the trade is fair, and don't forget to include your shipping costs! So, for example, I choose $4.95 in fudge from Hillside Bakery, and the shipping on the fudge is $5.00, then Hillside gets to choose $9.95 worth of items from my shop, including shipping. I usually make sure that if there is a difference of $2 or more, I pay the difference via paypal. Fairness rules!!!!

Rule 4 - "Purchase" the items from each other's shops - BUT DON'T PAY or GO TO THE PAYPAL WEBSITE. Your goods are your currency!

Rule 5 - Ship at the same time – or as soon as possible if its a custom order!

Rule 6 - When you get your item, leave feedback!

And voila! Both parties gets something fabulous, both parties get a "sale", and both parties build up their positive feedback! Everyone wins!

What NOT To Do:
- Don’t forget your manners. Please respond to all trade requests, even if it’s a “no”.
- Don’t forget to ship your trade item. This is not donating. It’s trading.
- Don’t forget to leave appropriate feedback. If you are happy with a trade, let them know! Subsequently… if you are NOT happy, let the seller know before leaving feedback and try to work things out. If you are still unhappy – or if you never receive your item – we suggest that you leave feedback stating this. Although no money is exchanged, you’re trading goods, which is just as valuable. Treat it just like a sale.
- Don’t change your prices to 0.20. This is called fee avoidance. If etsy catches wind of fee avoidance, the whole team is in jeopardy of being shut down. We are lucky to have a venue like etsy. Don’t bite the hand that feeds us!
- Don’t avoid feedback by cancelling a sale. If you aren’t going to trade in good faith, don’t trade.

The bottom line - Any trader who doesn’t trade in good faith will be banned from the team. Trading is based on trust and we will defend that trust. be good to each other!

we hope these made sense and helps make your trade experience easier! It's so great to be able to own a great piece of handmade artistry by trading one of your own!!!!!!!!!!

Addicted yet? we are!!!!!!! if there are ANY questions, please let us know!

xoxoox muffin & raevyn

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

... and the FRENZY start list is...

i know you've been waiting for this!!! browse and drool over these shops... but no arranging "list" trades ahead of time, LOL! (but i can't stop you from trading, now can i?) textile jewelry, felted pouches, and more or - sachets, felted animals, and coasters - Polymer clay jewellery, bath and body and artwork - Fun pain Relief! Boo Boo Bags, Baby Quilts, and accessories - Cute and Elegant Jewelry & Accessories and maybe a few other surprises! - Jewelry and bead destash - Mix of jewellery, lingerie, ladies clothing or - Wedding items and destash - jewelry and hair accessories - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches or - beautiful brick stitched jewelry or - mini cards and stationary - The place online for all your girly accessories - newsboy caps w/beaded blingstings, jewerly, accessories, etc.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Trade FRENZY!!!!!

i admit it. you admit it. but thegirlyplace admitted it in public, out on the chat thread, in the forums, of all places!!!! we all can't get enough of trading! so, as thegirlyplace suggested, we're going to have a Trade Frenzy - a one day, trading extravaganza! what is a Frenzy, you ask? it's the same as a trade and stay, except it's only limited to a short, limited time!!!! hence... the trading will be even faster and more frenzied!

here are the details:

where: in the Promotions forum
when: thursday, august 20th, 2009
time: 6 am to midnight EST

how can you get on the start list?

CONVO - and only convo - muffintopdesigns with "frenzy" in the subject line. indicate your shop(s) url and what you sell. (i.e. - jewelry ) that way it will be easier to keep us organized! i'll be taking the first TEN shops only!!!!

are you ready? you only have 10 days to stock up your shop!!!! :) if you have any questions, let me or raevyn77 know!!!

xo muffin & raeyvn77

Monday, July 27, 2009

Save the Date(s)...

everyone's having Trade and Stay hangovers. and they don't seem to be going away. so raevyn and i have decided to put you all out of your misery and now want you all to grab your calendars and pencil in the next two TnS dates!!!! because they will be relatively close together, they will both be three day events and have the same format as all the other TnS's!

got your pens ready? :)

the first one will start Saturday, October 3rd and run till Monday, October 5th - to stave off all those trade jitters and get you back in trading form!
the second one will start Saturday, December 5th and run till Monday, December 7th - just in time to get those last minute holiday gifts!

so start getting your shops - and your wish lists! - ready! any questions? let me or raevyn77 know, or better yet, post on our chat thread here:

i will also be posting a refresher "Trading 101" both here and on the ning site - just so we all stay current - and our newbies don't feel so lost!!!!

xoxoxoox muffin & raevyn77

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And the Trade Princess/Ho Is...

thanks to EVERYONE for making the Midsummer's Trade and Stay such a rousing success! i think that this was the largest - and fastest - Trade and Stay in our little history!!! i know that for the next couple of weeks, it's going to be like Christmas in our mailboxes, LOL!

and now... our new official Trade Princess/HO is... the wonderful SPARTASOAPS ( ) with 40 (i suspect it was more!) trades! rumour has it that she's been saving up for this event and boy, did she clean up! (pun intended!) yay, sparta! we love you and your soaps!

i also want to give a special shout out to our fabulous listmasters - Raevyn77, jerseymaids, bagsbytracy, nativebeads, flamingolady, jetflair and everyone else who bumped the list! we would have been lost without you! it was fast and furious and i can't believe we were able to keep track as much as we did!!!


when should our next one be? LOL! watch for the poll in a month or so... we'll also be having a trade game soon in the forums - i'll make sure to email everyone to let them know when it will be.

don't forget to sign up on the ning site ( ) and confirm your membership on Google so that you can stay up to date! i will be sending out a confirmation email to all of our new members in the next couple of days, so watch your inbox/spam folder!

if you have any questions, just let me or raevyn77 know - or better yet, join us on our chat thread here:

ready, set, trade on!!!! and thank you again for making the TnS so amazing!!!

xoxox muffin

Saturday, July 18, 2009

and the Start List Gang are...

i know you've all be waiting... here is the start list! and

and don't forget to confirm your membership/email address!

yay for tomorrow!!!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Will you Trade and Stay With Me? :)

yay! it looks like our trade and stay will commence on July 19th! i KNEW you guys couldn't wait till later in the summer! so watch your email for the call for "start listers"!!

speaking of emails, thank you to everyone who followed us over to the ning site (and to those who sadly revoked their membership too). it totally has helped Raevyn77 and i streamline and clean up all of the lists. if you signed up on the ning site, you should have received a Yahoo Groups email from me asking you to confirm your membership. this way, we can make sure that you really want to be part of the team! so now, officially, our team membership stands at about 75 - how WICKED is that? YAY for trading!

and while we're on the topic of trading, on the chat thread we've been bouncing around the idea of having a trade game one night soon. so stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cleaning House!

as most of you know by now, we're cleaning house! with my new co-leader, raevyn77, we're slowly but surely getting ALL of the lists up to date, and hopefully we'll be able to keep them that way! in the meantime, raevyn77 has started a NING group for us - it will help us keep membership much more current! so if you haven't yet, head on over there and sign up! we're hoping everyone will be able to do it by July 1st, and then our lists will be complete! if we don't hear from you, we'll assume that you're not able to be an active team member anymore - which is totally okay!

the ning site is here:

we'll also be having another TnS soon... so watch this space for the poll as to which dates work best for everyone!

any questions? let myself or raevyn77 know! and WELCOME, raevyn! we're so glad to have you on board!

xoxoox muffin

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gotta Love Spring Trade and Stay Event!

and we're off again! the May Trade and Stay Event is located here:

come and join us!!!! YAY!!!!!!

xoxox muffin

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anyone Up for a May Trade and Stay?

you know what i'm talkin' about!

if you are, vote on the sidebar as to the best time for you, and i'll take the first 10 shops that CONVO me (yes, convo me only - i have baby brain still and can only concentrate on one thing at a time, LOL) to be our start list!


xoxoxo muffin

Monday, April 13, 2009

And... We're OFF!!!!!!

ladies and gents... here is the location of the April Trade and Stay Thread!

don't forget to read the "rules" on trading and Trade and Stays in the post below!

Re: MEMBERSHIP - if you'd like to become a member, you have to PROMISE to be active in our events and our chat thread! :) check out the finer details on the post below as well. if you think you can do be a tradeaholic in good standing, shoot me your email address via ETSY convo and i'll put you on the list!

ready, set, TRADE ON!!!!!

xoxox muffin

Friday, April 10, 2009

And Our Starter List Shops Are...

alright guys and gals! here is the starter list for Monday's Trade and Stay Event! remember, you can only LOOK... no negotiations until we start on Monday!!!!!! or or or or

and, in case you're needing a refresher on how the trade and stay works...

- it starts early next Monday, April 13th morning and will go for 4 days ONLY. the link to the thread will be posted here and sent to everyone on the mailing list.
- it is a Trade and Stay - if someone trades with you, we just add their shop to the list and yours stays! you cannot be added to the list unless you trade onto the list - meaning that you have to trade with someone who is currently on the list to get onto the list (hoo boy, that's a lot of repeating! sorry!)
- we will NOT be tracking the # of trades this time. the trading gets so fast and furious and this way some of the pressures are taken off the listmaster gals! so i hope that's okay.
- the lovely equivoque, flamingolady, raevyn77 and myself will be your listmasters! we will try to ensure that the list is accurate and updated, and that any fights are broken up without injury! LOL! we do ask for your patience with the updating - sometimes we get carried away with chatting, LOL!
- please refresh yourself with the rules on trading here on the blog. any disputes can be convoed to me and i'll try to help.
- feel free to label your trade items with the team tag "TEAM TRADE ON" and/or create a section in your shop with your trade items in it! you can also indicate what you are looking for in your shop announcement or profile - just make sure we know where to look!
- and please don't forget your manners - if someone convos you for a trade, please respond - even if they don't have anything you need or want. it's better to get a "no" instead of no response at all!

Trading Basics 101
Trades are EQUAL. That means that you are trading for an equal value from each other's shops, INCLUDING shipping. So, say i have a $20 necklace that you'd like, with $3 shipping - then i have $23 to spend in your store, including the shipping. If you're out $1 or so, you can agree to let it go - but usually if the difference is $5 or more, i'd send it via paypal.

so, you go and "purchase" the items from each other's shops, but don't complete the payment part! you can check "paypal" if that is the only option, but don't go to paypal!

once you receive your items, leave feedback please!!!!! :)

This part is going to suck but I'll have to say it. If it comes to light that you haven't traded in good faith, then your participation in other events, and your membership, will be in jeopardy. Trading is a way to benefit us ALL, and one person can ruin it for everyone. SO PLEASE TRADE FAIR! Also, we do not condone fee avoidance - it is definitely up to you to decide whether or not to change your prices for this event, but we would encourage everyone to play by the etsy rules as well. Changing your prices to 20 cents IS fee avoidance. It is NOT fair if someone is paying more etsy fees than others - plus karma will get you in the end, and there is the very real possibility that etsy will shut down our team.

For Prospective Members...
just wanted to write a quick note for people that want to become new members of the team, since i've gotten quite a few convos in the past few days about this!
this is what we need from you:
- your shop address/URL (i.e. )
- your current email address - we have a mailing list that we use to communicate about events and team stuff.
- you must also have no less than 99% positive feedback for your shop
- your shop has to have items in it!
this is what you get for being a member:
- listing on the super long, super awesome trade list - find it here:
- listing of your shop and your blog (if you have one) on the blog here
- inclusion in all of our team events
- being part of one of the most awesome teams on ETSY!
all we ask is that you participate in most of our events. the reason why membership is not open all the time is that we get convos from tons of stores and we update everything... and then never hear from those shops again. it's a lot of work and not fair to the rest of the team. we're also happy to hear ideas about events and challenges and other things we can do as a team - especially around trading!
so i hope this helps explain the membership "process" a little!
- and, a tip from the wonderful flamingolady:

"when trading (in general), be on the look out for scammers, like shops that have items that are too good to be true (might be a reason for that), new shops (might be legit though), check ratings, etc. It can take a month or two for scammers to be found out, most people are leary of leaving bad feedback until someone else does. If you are wary of a shop, and you are an established shop/trader, and you want to help a new shop get established, tell them up front that you will ship out their order after receiving yours... I've done literally dozens of trades, no probs yet, it was on a BNR where I traded with someone and a bunch of us got scammed by one of the shops, they are gone now, though probably opened up a new shop. Trading is good and fun, but remember, there is nothing Etsy can do other than to send a convo, since no funds traded hands. (versus a purchase on PP where the recipient can get their money back). Trade on! "

sparklegarden suggests:

" If I see a new shop (to buy OR trade with) that has little or no feedback, I convo and ask if they have feedback anywhere else (ebay, diaperswappers, etc.)that I can review. This has served me very well. "

PHEW! what a long post! (and now my carpal tunnel has set my hands on fire, LOL!) if you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to convo me or ask the gang on the chat thread!

see you all on monday!!!!

xoxoxox muffin

p.s. regarding the team list on etsy - yes, it is outdated. we're working on updating it - admin does it, not me, so i have to work with their timeline! but we'll get there eventually!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Google Analytics Trade and Stay Event!

yup. we're hooked on Google Analytics... even though some of the terms are beyond us! we figured we'd get a kick out of watching our stats climb by having a Trade and Stay event!!! this one is going to happen on short notice - i'm thinking maybe Monday, April 13th to Thursday, April 16th! then we'll start having the Trade and Stays every two months (thanks to everyone who voted!!!!! your wish is my command!)
so, settle in and sign yourself up for Google Analytics (see the post below for instructions and/or drop into the chat thread here if you run into problems: ), start tagging your items with "team trade on", and enjoy the fun!

i will be taking the first 10 shops that CONVO me via ETSY (don't post comments here or email me - i get easily confused!) to be our start list. so hop to it!
xoxoxo muffin

p.s. YES - membership will be open during this event! thanks to leahfelicity for reviewing the team lists (AGAIN) - i will be weeding out all closed/empty shops ASAP!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Google Analytics - Basics 101!

we've been chatting over on the traders's thread about Google Analytics. i have to admit that at first, i was quite befuddled (and frustrated) over the whole thing. i actually had to register TWICE before i could see my stats! hopefully, this little cheat sheet will help all traders sign up successfully with GA so that you can see where your traffic is coming from! i can't wait to try this at our next Trade and Stay... won't THAT be a hoot!

visit and sign in (if you have an existing igoogle account)/sign up for a new account.

click on "Add Website Profile". in the URL area and enter your etsy shop address like this:, set your location, time and hit "finish". If they ask for your shop name type in (Do NOT include the http:// in the URL)

when you get to the tracking code page just scroll to the bottom and hit "finish". you don't need this code - it states here that you should copy the code and put on all your webpages, but, lucky for us, etsy already does this for us automatically. just hit "finish".

on the next page you will see a grey table with your website URL. next to the URL should be a code that looks like UA-1234567-8. highlight and copy the code to your clipboard. (ctrl + C)

open up a separate browser page (don't close your Google Analytics page) and go to you can also access the page you need on etsy via "your etsy" - there is a link on the left hand side toolbar that says "web analytics". paste (Ctrl + V) the code in the designated area. save changes.

now you're finished setting up Google Analytics for your etsy shop!! if you look at the overview page in Google Analytics you will see that there is a yellow symbol with an exclamation mark on it under the status column. this just means that your account isn't showing stats yet - not that you did anything wrong! when it turns into a green check mark then you can start viewing your stats. it can take up to 24 hours for the stats counter to update - but mine started showing before that.

i hope that it helps make things a little clearer for everyone. i know that the first time i registered, the little yellow symbol never went away and i was freaking out thinking that NO ONE was visiting my shop! however, i just deleted the website profile and added it again. i received a new code and i went to etsy and put the new code into the "web analytics" area. and it's worked fine ever since.

so, maybe we should have a Trade and Stay so that we can all watch our GA numbers climb? LOL! what do you think?

xoxoxo muffin

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Want YOUR Vote!

no, i'm not running for President or Prime Minister, LOL! we've been chatting over in the teams' forum about the success we have for the Trade and Stay events and have been contemplating having them on a more regular basis!

so, i want to hear what you think! i've put a poll up on the sidebar with possible time frames we could be looking at, so please cast your vote!

xoxoo muffin

Friday, March 20, 2009

Yay for the Trade and Stay... and All Hail the New Trade Princess!!!!!!

i think by now we are all aware that the spectacular SPARKLEGARDEN is our trade princess/"ho" this time around!!!!! definitely several of our other team members gave her a run for her money... but at 43 trades, she was hard to beat! YAY sparkle! we love ya!!

speaking of trades... the grand total (give or take a few - my math skills are cr*ppy) of trades this time around was 209!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!!

so, for the next time, the challenge is to beat sparklegarden and to beat 209 trades in total!!!! do you think we can do it???? LOL!!!!!!!!!!! we will probably have another Trade and Stay in about a month and a half or so... so get to stocking up your shop!!!!!

just FYI - we were discussing the issue of fee avoidance in the chat thread. so everyone knows, the team does NOT condone changing your prices to 0.20 cents during your trades. ETSY considers this fee avoidance and if it becomes rampant, they may shut the team down. i definitely do NOT want this to happen! here is what ETSY says about fee avoidance:

"Fee Avoidance: The price stated in each item listing description must be an accurate representation of the sale. Sellers may charge reasonable shipping and handling fees to cover the costs for packaging and mailing the items. Sellers may not charge excessive shipping fees or otherwise avoid fees. You may not alter the item's price after a sale for the purpose of avoiding Etsy transaction fees, misrepresent the item’s location, or use another user’s account without permission."

i hope that it makes sense and that all of us understand... i know that fees are a b*tch, but so is karma!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Down and Dirty Details on the Trade and STAY... and a Little Update!

okay... we're all ready for the next trade and STAY event! i think that we all know how it works, but i'll cut and paste the rules from the last one here for reference sake! there are also some additions to (hopefully) organize the trading frenzy a little! :)

- the trade and stay will go for 4 days ONLY - Sunday, March 15th to Wednesday, March 18th at midnight.

- the link to the thread will be posted here, on the chat thread, and sent to everyone on the mailing list.

- it is a Trade and Stay - if someone trades with you, we just add their shop to the list and yours stays! you cannot be added to the list unless you trade onto the list - meaning that you have to trade with someone who is currently on the list to get onto the list (hoo boy, that's a lot of repeating! sorry!)

- once again, we're also going to track the # of trades that everyone does next to their shop name... oh, the TRUE addicts are going to be revealed, LOL. our little raevyn77 was crowned "Trade Queen/Ho" last time... i wonder who it will be this time!

- the lovely flamingolady, equivoque, raevyn77, makingsbymary and myself will try to keep the lists as accurate as possible - so be patient with the updated list!!! sometimes we get carried away with chatting and trading, LOL! we're going to try to keep you happy traders in line, so please post your trades on the thread and one of us will update it!

- please refresh yourself with the rules on trading here on the blog. any disputes can be convoed to me and i'll try to help. and please don't forget your manners - if someone convos you for a trade, please respond - even if they don't have anything you need or want. it's better to get a "no" instead of no response at all!

and just in case you're interested, here is the list! it's made up of the first 15 shops that responded to my emails and posts on the chat thread! or

even if you're not trading - because you're all traded out - please drop in and chat with us! hope to see everyone there!

btw, the lovely jerseymaids has been perusing the larger etsy traders list here: and we've slowly been deleting empty and inactive shops. if you find one on your travels through the blogs, please let me know and i'll get it cleaned up ASAP. it's an ongoing process (right, indulgentcreations!) but one day we'll have everything current!

if you are closing shop, want off the lists and/or to cancel your membership with the tradeaholics, please also let me know!

xoxoxo muffin

Saturday, March 7, 2009

So... You Guys Ready for Another Trade and STAY??????

so.... you guys ready for another Trade and STAY??????

i'm feeling like we're ready! lol! how does Sunday, March 15th - Wednesday, March 18th sound???? yes, it's coming up soon... but i know you guys would be up for the challenge!

so, if you've caught up with your trades from the last event, let's do this again! (of course, if you're all traded out, you totally don't have to trade - but feel free to join in on the thread! you KNOW you love to chat!)

i'll take the first 8 shops that convo me to be our "start list". so get listing, everyone!!!!!!!!

xoxoxo muffin

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Postponing the Scavenger Hunt for Now!

Hi gang!!!

i figure that everyone is still catching up on trades from the last Trade event, so it's been suggested that we postpone the scavenger hunt until later in the spring! so i was thinking, maybe we'd have another trade and stay event at the end of March... how does that sound?????

details to follow, so watch this space!!!!!

xoxoox muffin

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Brainstorming!

okay, so i've done some research and here are my thoughts on the springtime scavenger hunt! please please feel free to let me know if you have any ideas... i want this to be fun and fabulous!

here goes:

How will people play our game? They will visit each of the participating TradeAHolics' shops (a list will be posted here on the blog and on a Promo thread that we will bump throughout the contest duration) and look through the pictures in the shop listings (recently sold items included). Some shops will contain one picture of a "letter" hiding in one of their shop listings. (i will send the "letter hiding" shops a graphic of the letter and it can be used in one of the photos of a listing in your shop - that way, they are hidden and people will have to dig through your shop to find it!) They will search through the participating shops and jot down the "letter" and the name of the shop they have found the letter in. After they have found all of the letters (we would have to decide on a word!), then they will have to unscramble them to complete a word. When they think they have solved the puzzle, they will convo me or a scavenger hunt designate with their entry and their name. If they are correct their name will go into a drawing to win a prize from the items donated from the participating shops. The contest will end (a week from the start date). All correct entries will be entered into a drawing and the winners will be selected at random and announced on the blog. The winners will be posted here on the blog and on the forums. All participating shops and prizes will also be promoted on the blog!

Members of our team cannot actually play the game - LOL! - for obvious reasons! And people who do enter can only win one prize. But that's pretty obvious too! What we'd need is enough shops to spell something PLUS "dummy" shops that won't have a letter in it (I think 20 shops would be a good number?) plus shops willing to donate a prize (maybe 5?)

Anyway... any thoughts? Let me know! And once we decide the details, I will be deleting this post as to not reveal any of our secrets!!!!!!

xoxoxo muffin

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We HEART Trading!

oh my. what a fabulous event we had! thanks to the flamingolady's fabulous idea, we turned the trading world upside down with a Valentine's TRADE AND STAY!

here is the list at it stood at the conclusion of the event (thanks, muddymoose!)

 (10 trades)

 (6 trades)

and the title of "Official Trade HO" goes to...

our fast and furious Raevyn77!!! you definitely are the Trade Queen!
now get working on getting those packages out, traders! i know that i am! and stay tuned for the details on the Spring Scavenger Hunt - i'll be doing the research and will post details ASAP!
thanks again for the wonderful turnout. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!
xoxox muffin

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Link to the Trade And Stay!

i know you all have been chomping at the bit... i'm awake now!!!!

here's the link to the TRADE AND STAY...

see you all there! and thanks to ribbonwonders for curating this AWESOME treasury in celebration!

xoxox muffin

Monday, February 9, 2009

I Heart Trading Valentine's Day Trade and STAY!!!!!

okay folks, the starter list is finalized and the details are all ironed out! we're having a "I Heart Trading" trade and STAY event for Valentine's Day! thanks to the 31 members who voted on our poll and to the chatters on the thread for brainstorming ideas!

this is how it's going to go down:

- it starts early Valentine's Day morning and will go for 4 days ONLY. the link to the thread will be posted here and sent to everyone on the mailing list.
- it is a Trade and Stay - if someone trades with you, we just add their shop to the list and yours stays! you cannot be added to the list unless you trade onto the list - meaning that you have to trade with someone who is currently on the list to get onto the list (hoo boy, that's a lot of repeating! sorry!)
- we're also going to track the # of trades that everyone does next to their shop name... oh, the TRUE addicts are going to be revealed, LOL!
- there will be a focus on destashing, but if you don't have any destash, don't worry about it - i have lots to destash eventually, but probably won't have the time to take photos or list before we start. we will most likely have some sort of ongoing destash trade thread in the future, so stay tuned for that.
- the lovely flamingolady and myself will try to keep the lists as accurate as possible - but please feel free to update the list if you have successfully traded. sometimes we get carried away with chatting, LOL!
- please refresh yourself with the rules on trading here on the blog. any disputes can be convoed to me and i'll try to help. and please don't forget your manners - if someone convos you for a trade, please respond - even if they don't have anything you need or want. it's better to get a "no" instead of no response at all!

and just in case you're interested, here is the list! it's made up of the lovely shops that ended our last TnR! thanks, you guys, for agreeing to kick us off this time!!! or or

(and no trading with the people on the list before Valentine's Day! LOL!)

i can't wait! hope to see everyone there!

xoxoxo muffin

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Heart Valentine's Day Trade and Replace!

and the tribe has spoken AGAIN! we're up for another trade and replace for our Valentine's Day event! (the scavenger hunt came in a close second, so for spring we'll plan one of those!)

anyways, there have been some suggestions to make this TnR a little different - which i am TOTALLY psyched about! the details are as follows:

- the event will start Valentine's Day and run for a week
- instead of bumping people off the list, shops will be able to trade onto the list and STAY! by the end of the week, the list will be HUGE! but this also will bring more traffic to everyone's shops, and increase the choices for everyone!
- there will be a focus on destashing as well - as they say, one trader's junk is another trader's treasure! so go through your stuff and take photos! we just might end up having an ongoing destash trading thread after this is over!
- we can use the shops that were on the list when we ended the last Trade and Replace. i will convo those shops and make sure that they are okay with that.

how does that sound? any ideas can be discussed on the chat thread here: or shoot me a convo!!!!! and don't forget to reread the trading rules!

oh, i LOVE valentine's day!!!!!!!!

p.s. with help from pennyspug, the list of active shops has been purged again. and our new members have been added to all the lists (i hope!) the list on etsy will be updated within a few days once the team gals have gotten around to my email, so don't worry. if i missed you, please convo me and let me know!

p.p.s. fyi - membership will NOT open during this event. it took me this long to get caught up! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update Note!

hey all!

just a quick note to let everyone know that i'm slowly updating all the lists - i'm just waiting for some stragglers to get back to me about memberships!

if you haven't sent me your email, please do so via etsy convo! and if i've forgotten to add you, please send me a virtual kick in the pants and remind me!


Saturday, January 31, 2009

TradeAHolics' Valentine's Challenge!

february 14th is just around the corner! for some reason, valentine's day is my favorite holiday!!! seeing all the little pink and red hearts everywhere just lifts my spirits!!!! i am sure i'm not alone.... on the most recent Trade And Replace thread, we threw around the idea of having a Valentine's Day challenge/event for the team! so, without further ado, here are the ideas that have popped up! please place your vote ASAP for the challenge that you'd be most up to doing - the poll is on the sidebar!
1. Will You Be My Valentine? - each participating shop will design a "valentine" that will be posted here on the blog! it could be an actual valentine, or something valentine-themed. the deadline for photos to be sent to me (via email or convo, whichever is easier) and i will post them here. we will invite as many people to come and vote on their favorite! the winning designer will be featured in an interview here on the tradeaholics' blog and we will draw for three winners from all the voters! (this means that i will need three donated valentine prizes - you could donate your valentine if you wanted! your shop and the prize would also be featured here on the blog)
2. Secret Valentine Exchange - kind of like our Secret Santa/Hannukah Harry event, shops who want to participate will convo their mailing address to me and i will match them with a "valentine"! no presents required, just a sweet, HANDMADE valentine!!!! how nice would that be, to get an old-fashioned valentine wish in the mail?
3. Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt - each participating shop must have at least ONE valentine's themed item in their shop. questions about each shop owner will be posted here on the blog and people have to visit the shops to get the answers. it's a great way to get traffic to our stores - and exposure to our valentine's items! people will post their answers here on the blog, and we will do a drawing from the people who have the correct answers!
4. I Heart Etsy Blog Feature - what better way to show another TradeAholic that you love them than by featuring them on your blog! all the shops that want to participate can convo me and i'll match everyone. then you go and "interview" the shop that you get... write a valentine blog post about them!
and last but not least...
5. Valentine's Day Trade and Replace - i don't think that i'd need to explain this, now do i? :) we can make it Valentine's Day only (it falls on a Saturday) or for the whole week following Valentine's Day!
so... what do you guys think? nothing too elaborate, but fun nonetheless!!!!!! and if you want to donate a prize, CONVO me as soon as possible!
GO VOTE!!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Trade and Replace is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!

RibbonWonders (aka AndreaStamps) created this wonderful treasury in tribute to the tradeaholics! Thanks, Andrea!!!!!

The trading is already fast and furious! With too many transactions to list! HOLY COW!! We're ADDICTED!