Saturday, October 25, 2008

The 1st Annual Traders' Secret Santa/Hanukkah Harry Gone WILD Event!

Always feeling like you never have any fun during the holiday season? Always buying for other people but never for yourself? Wish that you could participate in a fabulous, ETSY TradeAHolics -wide Secret Santa/Hannukah Harry exchange where EVERYONE is a winner??????

Then hope and wish no longer! Here is the TradeAHolics' Secret Santa/Hannukah Harry Gone WILD!!!!! It's easy! Just read the rules below!

♥ This is definitely NOT mandatory! Only willing Secret Santas, please! (lol!) If you sign up, you agree to participate - you CANNOT pull out once the list has been compiled! THE DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP IS MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 31st, 2008!!!!

♥ The Secret Santa gift that you send to your Santa should be around $25 - it can be 1 - 3 items totalling $25. The gift MUST be handmade by you!

♥ Please convo - and ONLY convo - muffintopdesigns with the following information (feel free to cut and paste to make life a little easier!) If you can put SECRET SANTA in the convo subject line, that would be fantastic and save me a lot of hair pulling later!

Real Name:
Etsy Shop:
Favorite Colors:
Favorite Hobbies:
Favorite Scents/Flavours:
Favorite Things:
Any allergies/food dislikes etc:
Any other info that can help your Secret Santa choose something especially for you!:
Shipping Address:

♥ Names will be matched on Saturday, November 1st, 2008 and you will be convo'd the information on your Secret Santa. PLEASE NOTE: you will only be sending one package to one person! It's low maintenance!!!!!

♥ Packages should be sent out by Nov 28th, 2008 to receive in time for Christmas - or sometime shortly thereafter. I would suggest sending it via Priority Mail/Airmail with Delivery Confirmation, a tracking number, and/or insurance, just in case it gets lost in the holiday rush!

♥ When you send your item, post a comment on this thread (and this thread only) that you sent it - BUT NOT TO WHOM!!!!! (it's a secret, remember?)

Any questions? :) Happy Santa/Harry-ing!

xooxox muffin (and mini muffin)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our New Weekly Thread!

Now that we're already in Trade and Replace withdrawal... at least we can still gather round the espresso machine and CHAT!
Here's the location of this week's chat thread:
Feel free to show off your newest creations, negotiate trades, vent about life, or just hang out!
xoxox muffin
p.s. please also note that our membership is now CLOSED!!!! sorry!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

TnR Thread Location!

here we go!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hi all!!! We've been working on updating all the lists and all the blogs and I can finally see the light! Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me and Ak while we do this! In celebration, we're kicking off our Fall TRADE AND REPLACE event this Saturday, October 4th, 2008! This one is going to go for TWO whole weeks, so be READY!!!!!

For our wonderful newbies, these are the rules for a "TnR":

1. Make sure that items that you are willing to trade (and you don't have to trade your whole shop) are tagged with "TEAM TRADE ON". That way, people can search your shop for your tradeable items. If you are looking to trade for specific items, please put it in your shop announcement so that everyone can see. For people on the list, I will also put it next to your shop name so that people know what you're looking for, so please let me know. (i.e. I don't necessarily need jewelry or artwork, but I'd love to trade for baby stuff, bath and body, and clothing. So i'll put that in my announcement.)

2. The Trade and Replace thread will be posted in "PROMOTIONS" - to help promote the event and our team! The first list this time will be made up of 15 of our newbies! (thank you to the volunteers!)

3. If there is someone on the list that you'd like to trade with, please convo them and approach them for the trade. Please negotiate fairly, and that includes making sure no one gets stiffed on shipping! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not be offended if the person you approach to trade says no. (I know that there are some things that I just can't use right now - it doesn't mean that your stuff isn't amazing!)

4. Once the trade is a done deal, then the both of you post what you got on the thread. If I, AkHotDoggies, IndulgentCreations or CreationsbyChristina are not around, the person who gets bumped OFF the list can update the list on the thread.

5. If there is something you cannot live without, you CAN purchase from someone on the list - and you will bump them off. Trading for money is okay too, LOL!

6. If the both the trader and the tradee are on the current list, then you both stay on the list.

7. You don't have to be on the list to trade - but you won't be put on the list unless you trade with someone on the list. (does that even make sense? LOL)

8. It is expected that you check your convos and the thread at least once a day during the event. With a Trade and Replace, the pace is a little slower because of the negotiation process, but it's not fair if you are on the list and you go away for a few days. People will most likely be sending you trade requests that you will not be answering, which will hold up the whole process. If you can't check in once a day while you're on the list, then please let me know and I'll replace you with someone.

9. It is suggested that if you are convoed by two or more people for a trade, the first person who convoed you (and is successful trading with you) will be the one to bump you off the list. Feel free to trade with the other people who convoed you, but it's only fair that the first one bumps you off the list.

10. I hope that there aren't any trade disputes during our event! However, if any one has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, IndulgentCreations and CreationsByChristina and we will try to help you work it out. We haven't had any huge brawls here yet, because we all are trading in good faith.

11. This part is going to suck but I'll have to say it. If it comes to light that you haven't traded in good faith, then your participation in other events, and your membership, will be in jeopardy. Trading is a way to benefit us ALL, and one person can ruin it for everyone. SO PLEASE TRADE FAIR! Also, we do not condone fee avoidance - it is definitely up to you to decide whether or not to change your prices for this event, but we would encourage everyone to play by the etsy rules as well.

So, over the next couple of days, think about what you need and tag your items! I will email everyone the thread, post it on the weekly thread, and post it here on the blog.
The list is as follows (in the order that people commented on the blog)

Any questions? Everyone ready? START YOUR BROWSING!!!!!!!

xoox muffin