Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Design Challenge - the POLL is UP!

thanks to everyone for hanging in there as i tried to work with the glitches on blogger for the design challenge vote - seriously, they have been having some issues as of late, much to my chagrin!  and a HUGE thank you to everyone for trying to help me find better ways to show off the designs here - this time around we are testing the treasury widget to see if it helps people access the entries better!  you should be able to click the treasuries above to see the entries in their entirety!

and of course, finally - the POLL is up!  you have till the end of the month to vote! (to make up for the couple of days it took me to find another poll alternative!

so blog, facebook, twitter, and promote your entry and those of your fellow team members!  and don't forget to VOTE!