Wednesday, September 24, 2008

FINAL List Updating... and Trade and Replace details!

okay. so Ak and i have received tons of membership requests and confirmations... so i will be updating our blog lists and our mailing list and hopefully we'll be good to go!!! indulgentcreations has cleaned up the huge trade list too, so it looks like our housekeeping is almost over!! thanks to everyone for being so patient!!!

so... to kick this all off, we'd LOVE to have a HUGE 2 week long trade and replace event!!! we'd like this list to be made up of some of our newbies who are willing to show themselves and their shops off! if you don't know what a trade and replace is, read this:

"Trade & Replace - exactly like a Buy & Replace - except no money exchanges hands. There will be 10 - 15 names on the list, and people who want to "trade in" will have to negotiate with whomever they want to bump off for a trade... of course, if you want to BUY in, how can we say no? Remember, NO money changes hands, you negotiate a fair trade including your shipping."

I hope that makes sense!

So newbies - if you'd like to be one of the shops to kick us off, add a comment HERE with your shop name! I'll be taking the first 15!!!

And everyone else - don't forget to label your items for trade with our tag, "TEAM TRADE ON"!

Ready, set, TRADE ON!!!!

xoxooxox muffin