Sunday, March 30, 2008

TEAM CHALLENGE!!!! Designing our Team Identity... and Tagging!

Attention all you designers!!!!

We'll be holding two separate Design Challenges this month!!!! Read 'em and weep!

1) Design a banner for the team blog website!!!!

2) Design a team widget. Once the widget has been decided on by the team, we will incorporate code so when the widget is clicked on, the user will be directed to the team website. Team members can attach the widget to their blog or website.

Designs are due in 3 weeks, Monday, April 21st. Email your entries to Ak or Muffin by that date and we'll post them here! Feel free to enter as many times as you wish!!! Two separate polls will be set up so team members can vote on their favorite for each category.

and part two.... TAGGING!

No, we're not talking about a huge team game of tag (but wouldn't that be fun????)

The fabulous FlamingoLady asked, "What about team tagging?" Excellent question! Yeah, so what about it? As an easy search tool for team members and buyers or traders, please identify your tradable items with 'Tradeaholics Team'. A suggestion for non-members of the Etsy Trade-A-Holics Team who like to trade is to tag their tradeables with the tag 'trade'. In the next few days, AK will incorporate a search link from the Team website for all items with the team tag, "Tradeaholics Team" and another search link from the trading list blog for all items with the 'trade tag'. This makes it easier to see what talent is out there... and narrow down your list!!!!

Of course, this just might make your "to have at all costs" list even longer!!!! FYI - creationsbychristina had already started tagging some of her items this way!!!! Yay to our brownie queen!
Ak also just sent around an email asking for ideas about an acronym for our team - Etsy TradeAHolics is quite long to use as a tag, LOL!
Here's a few: THT ( Trade-A-Holics Team)TAH ( Trade-A-Holics)ETT ( Etsy Trade-A-Holics Team)ETAH ( Etsy Trade-A-Holics) Okay, folks! We want to hear back from you. Let us know how you want to tag your items!! Add your suggestion to this post and we'll put up a poll ASAP!

So get designing, get tagging, and as always, TRADE ON!!!!

xoxoox AK & muffin

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Next TnR!!!!

Everyone's been asking... when's the next Trade and Replace?

Let's decide TOGETHER!

i've put a poll up on the sidebar - vote for the week you'd like to have it! because it IS a whole week, it is a little bit of a committment to keep the thread alive... and to have enough stuff to trade!!!!!!!!!

so, VOTE, and we'll have one soon!!!!!!!!

xoxoox AK and muffin

p.s. we can't stop listening to the "soundtrack" - it makes us think of you guys!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Packages, Packages and MORE Packages!!!!

so i got home from work today and the husband yelled, "Hey babe, you got a lot of packages!" and he was so RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! i've already received the first of the trades i made during our TnR... i was soooo thrilled! i know that i'm probably not the only one, but i just had to tell everyone just how happy i was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope you all had similar visits to the mailbox today!
xoxoox muffin

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Sweet Trading Success... And the Official Soundtrack!

i think that the Trade & Replace this week has to be our most successful team event so far! i lost count of the trades that we did after the first day, LOL! but that means we all got some awesome exposure, some amazing trades, and wonderful new members! such a fabulous time - there was definitely a lot of laughing, chatting and of course, FUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we will do it again next month, and the list will be the last list from this TnR thread! so be ready! AK and i will convo the people on that list before we start and make sure that they are still in on it... just in case though, post here if you'd like to take someone's place if they can't participate!
this is the list from the last pages of the thread: - wonderful beads, fabric and quilting/sewing
notions - has jewelry and fiber arts! - Wonderfully sweet and kind seller with great jewelry and cards. - the most amazing fine art prints and bags! or - sweet jewelry for pets and humans! Plus a suave new line of "supplies" - has fabulous jewelry! - has lovely jewelry! - beautiful semiprecious jewelry!
our "mixed tape" soundtrack idea was also born from this event, and i'm proud to unveil Volume One! "trade on! the official soundtrack" is now available, and is a true team collaboration - thanks to everyone who posted their songs!
check out my other shop to get it!
thanks again to everyone for this fabulous event! can't WAIT for the next one!
trade on!
xoxoxo Ak and Muffin

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"trade on! the official soundtrack"

i'm always curious to know what people like to listen to, especially when they are crafting! i'm also quite nostalgic about the whole "mixed tape" concept (RIP sweet cassettes!) so, we've come up with a really neat idea that will help us to get to know each other better!

this is what it is:

post your favorite song here in the comments section.
when i get to 18 or so, i will compile a CD and list it in my MuffinTopsyTurvy shop ( , where they will be on sale for just 0.20 plus postage!
make sure you also let me know if you are interested in having one of these "soundtracks", so i will know how many to list.


1. Come Together - the beatles
2. Hey Ya! - outkast
3. Stuttering - ben's brother
4. I'm Waking Up to Us - belle & sebastian
5. Without You - Harry Nilsson
6. Chain of Fools - aretha franklin
7. Either Way - wilco
8. Ballroom Blitz - sweet
9. Little Red Corvette - prince
10. Ana Ng - they might be giants
11. International Harvester - Craig Morgan
12. Kiss - prince
13. I've Always Loved You - 3rd Day
14. Destiny - zero 7
15. Try A Little Tenderness - otis redding
16. It Never Entered my Mind - miles davis
17. Just Like Heaven - katie melua
18. Oh It's So Quiet - bjork
19. I Can See Clearly Now - jimmy cliff
20. Made To Love - tobyMac

xoxoox muffin

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Trade And Replace Continues...

... i can't even keep count of all the trades that have happened on our thread! there are even trades happening behind the scenes of the thread! how awesome is that?
Get your holiday shopping done EARLY! come and join us!
we're even kicking around the idea of having team t-shirts! how WICKED would THAT be???
Trade on, Etsy TradeAHolics... trade on.
xoxo muffin

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The TRADE n REPLACE is ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bannerator says it all... to recover from March Break burnout, we're having our first trade n replace!
Here's the thread - jump on it! We're trading ALL WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! The rules are on the thread as well. To you guys who posted here, TRADE IN!!!!!!
xoxoox AK & muffin

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Newbie Traders' Guide - Volume One!

Because we have so many wonderful new people joining our team, I'm posting some general trade rules so that we're all on the same page! Trading is fun and wonderful and hopefully this helps people negotiate the wild world of trade-a-holism safely!!!! You'll get addicted, just like we did!
Rule 1 - Approach your prospective tradee (the person you want to trade with) via convo. Tell them that you like their stuff (obviously you do, LOL) and ask if they are willing to trade. It helps if you already have an item in mind. Be clear as well about what in your shop you are willing to trade for. You DON'T have to open your whole shop to trades!
Rule 2 - Wait for a response - and don't get your knickers in a knot because they say no. I've gone on a trading break when I get a little "traded out" - and that's okay. If you are the tradee, be nice about turning someone down. It's kinda like dating - let them down easy! :)
Rule 3 - If you both agree to trade, make sure that the trade is fair, and don't forget to include your shipping costs! I usually make sure that if there is a difference of $2 or more, to encourage them to choose more. Fairness rules!!!!

Rule 4 - "Purchase" the items from each other's shops - BUT DON'T PAY (unless you are trading for cash (as quiltnut60 says) but then that's buying, LOL)
Rule 5 - Ship at the same time!
Rule 6 - When you get your item, leave positive feedback!
And voila! Both parties gets something fabulous, both parties get a "sale", and both parties build up their positive feedback! Everyone wins!
There are variations on the trading theme - but these seem to be the general rule.
I hope these made sense and helps make your trade experience easier! It's so great to be able to own a great piece of handmade artistry by trading one of your own!!!!!!!!!!
Addicted yet? I AM!!!!!!!
xoxoox muffin

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blog Feature Game

Muffin & I have come up with another little promo event and wanted to see if anybody out there is interested.

To participate:
1) Have a blog
2) Have enough information about your and/or your art located in either your blog or your Etsy profile for someone to create a feature on you.

How to play:
1) From the number of participating blogs, we'll match up all the shops. Members will not know which blog is doing their feature.
2) Each person will have from Monday, March 10th until the end of Friday, March 14 to post their assigned feature.
3) Participants will needs to hunt thru the blogs to find the blog featuring them. This will increase traffic to each participating blog and help us all to get to know each other.
4) Additionally, we will have a thread in the Promo forum for all of us to keep current on the goings ons and bring even more traffic to your blog and your shop.
5) We'll be sending out blog assignments tomorrow (Sunday, March 9th)

As of Saturday, we have 10 members that are participating!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


We are pleased to announce that the winner of the TradeAHolics Challenge is our very own Tiffany Teske!!!!
Tiffany's artwork is so amazing... you HAVE to go take a look! Her etsy shop is She also has a website -, and two blogs, Art&Food at and ETSYBuzz, at
Her shop is filled with her beautiful polaroid transfers and pendants made from her artwork. I am surprised that she even has the TIME to make all her gorgeous pieces, as she is also a wife and mother! A huge fan of guerrila marketing, she also promotes other artists and continues to showcase her work in real life venues.
Congrats for winning the challenge, Tiffany! WE LOVE YOU!!!!
And the other best part...
rhino wins AkHotDoggies' scarf
fitdeaf gets PresentsForPirates notebook
heylady receives MuffinTop's earrings!
Winners, you can go and "purchase" the prizes from each shop! CONGRATULATIONS!
and a special thanks to everyone who participated and voted!
the polls are now closed! :)