Saturday, December 20, 2008

Post Holiday Hangover Trade and Replace!

hey peeps!!!!!

anticipating the inevitable post-holiday hangover/letdown/blues/what have you, i thought we could be preventative by having another Trade and Replace to help counteract the symptoms!

i've posted a poll on the sidebar as to dates in January that we could have the next TnR... please vote!!!

i also hope that most of you who participated in our lovely Secret Santa/Hannukah Harry event have received your presents... if not, please let me know via convo and i'll try to help!

happy holidays to you guys - LOVE YA!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Secret Santas/Hannukah Harrys... Please Check In!!!!!

Little elves have been telling me that they have sent their presents... and i think they've started rolling in!!!!!!

When you get your present, please post on our chat thread so we can ooooh and ahhhh over what you got! you can find it here:

and don't forget to add a comment to the original secret santa/hannukah harry blog post when you've sent your item... the deadline has long passed!!!!!

whoot whoot for holiday presents!!!!!