Monday, July 27, 2009

Save the Date(s)...

everyone's having Trade and Stay hangovers. and they don't seem to be going away. so raevyn and i have decided to put you all out of your misery and now want you all to grab your calendars and pencil in the next two TnS dates!!!! because they will be relatively close together, they will both be three day events and have the same format as all the other TnS's!

got your pens ready? :)

the first one will start Saturday, October 3rd and run till Monday, October 5th - to stave off all those trade jitters and get you back in trading form!
the second one will start Saturday, December 5th and run till Monday, December 7th - just in time to get those last minute holiday gifts!

so start getting your shops - and your wish lists! - ready! any questions? let me or raevyn77 know, or better yet, post on our chat thread here:

i will also be posting a refresher "Trading 101" both here and on the ning site - just so we all stay current - and our newbies don't feel so lost!!!!

xoxoxoox muffin & raevyn77

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And the Trade Princess/Ho Is...

thanks to EVERYONE for making the Midsummer's Trade and Stay such a rousing success! i think that this was the largest - and fastest - Trade and Stay in our little history!!! i know that for the next couple of weeks, it's going to be like Christmas in our mailboxes, LOL!

and now... our new official Trade Princess/HO is... the wonderful SPARTASOAPS ( ) with 40 (i suspect it was more!) trades! rumour has it that she's been saving up for this event and boy, did she clean up! (pun intended!) yay, sparta! we love you and your soaps!

i also want to give a special shout out to our fabulous listmasters - Raevyn77, jerseymaids, bagsbytracy, nativebeads, flamingolady, jetflair and everyone else who bumped the list! we would have been lost without you! it was fast and furious and i can't believe we were able to keep track as much as we did!!!


when should our next one be? LOL! watch for the poll in a month or so... we'll also be having a trade game soon in the forums - i'll make sure to email everyone to let them know when it will be.

don't forget to sign up on the ning site ( ) and confirm your membership on Google so that you can stay up to date! i will be sending out a confirmation email to all of our new members in the next couple of days, so watch your inbox/spam folder!

if you have any questions, just let me or raevyn77 know - or better yet, join us on our chat thread here:

ready, set, trade on!!!! and thank you again for making the TnS so amazing!!!

xoxox muffin

Saturday, July 18, 2009

and the Start List Gang are...

i know you've all be waiting... here is the start list! and

and don't forget to confirm your membership/email address!

yay for tomorrow!!!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Will you Trade and Stay With Me? :)

yay! it looks like our trade and stay will commence on July 19th! i KNEW you guys couldn't wait till later in the summer! so watch your email for the call for "start listers"!!

speaking of emails, thank you to everyone who followed us over to the ning site (and to those who sadly revoked their membership too). it totally has helped Raevyn77 and i streamline and clean up all of the lists. if you signed up on the ning site, you should have received a Yahoo Groups email from me asking you to confirm your membership. this way, we can make sure that you really want to be part of the team! so now, officially, our team membership stands at about 75 - how WICKED is that? YAY for trading!

and while we're on the topic of trading, on the chat thread we've been bouncing around the idea of having a trade game one night soon. so stay tuned!