Saturday, July 31, 2010

august's design challenge!

as promised, the design challenges are back! so, without further ado, august's challenge is ON! this month's challenge has been chosen by the lovely rayvenwoodmanor and is "A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH".

entries will be accepted from now until the 17th of august. the rules are simple:
- only one entry per shop
- the item must be a handmade item, listed on etsy, and made by you (no supplies or destash, please)
- the item must somehow reflect the theme as chosen by the previous challenge winner
- tag your item with this month's challenge tag - "tradeaugust10"
- convo muffintopdesigns via etsy with a photo of your item (so that it's easier to post on the blog during voting!)

feel free to promote the challenge - and yourself, if you enter! - via twitter, facebook, on the etsy forums, and/or on your blog! the voting will start on august 18th and go till august 25th here on the blog and the winner will be announced on august 26th. SO GO AND GET CREATIVE! (and thank you again, rayvenwoodmanor!)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

rayvenwood manor rocks! (and more design challenge info!)

i have been the most awful tradeaholic. especially with the design challenge. i cannot apologize enough to you guys for being so lax with my duties. but between my return to work (i miss you, maternity leave!) and us selling, buying and moving into a new house, things have been crazy around here.

but, i'm mostly settled now, and i owe the wonderful rayvenwoodmanor this feature for winning March's design challenge! her shop is full of fabulous pretties and you HAVE to check it out. so without further ado, here is her long overdue interview! we love you, anastacia!

What made you decide to open shop on Etsy?

Etsy gives the seller the ability to reach many potential buyers all across the world while creating an environment where you can share and learn from other artists as well.

What does your shop feature?

Rayvenwodmanor's product line consists of Custom Jewelry, Handmade Hair Accessories, Heirloom Crystal Bridal Bouquets with matching Bridal Party Accessories, Unique Swavorski Crystal Headpieces and Hair Jewelry, Cake Toppers, and custom made jewelry. Each item made by Rayvenwood Manor is exquisite and unique.

What is your inspiration for your designs?

Every item from Rayvenwoodmanor has a little piece of my life incorporated into it, whether it be past, present, or future. My inspiration on a daily basis to create beautiful handmade items is my wonderful husband, who supports what ever I do, and my beautiful 19 month old son, who is inspiration incarnate for anything.

A couple of your favorite shop selections include...

Swarovski Crystal Bridal Bouquets which are custom made for each client...

Anything with bunny rabbits!

Any other Web sites (blog, facebook page, twitter) that everyone can find you at?

Please stay tuned for details on August's design challenge! we will be having these again on a regular basis, so get ready!!!!!