Friday, April 10, 2009

And Our Starter List Shops Are...

alright guys and gals! here is the starter list for Monday's Trade and Stay Event! remember, you can only LOOK... no negotiations until we start on Monday!!!!!! or or or or

and, in case you're needing a refresher on how the trade and stay works...

- it starts early next Monday, April 13th morning and will go for 4 days ONLY. the link to the thread will be posted here and sent to everyone on the mailing list.
- it is a Trade and Stay - if someone trades with you, we just add their shop to the list and yours stays! you cannot be added to the list unless you trade onto the list - meaning that you have to trade with someone who is currently on the list to get onto the list (hoo boy, that's a lot of repeating! sorry!)
- we will NOT be tracking the # of trades this time. the trading gets so fast and furious and this way some of the pressures are taken off the listmaster gals! so i hope that's okay.
- the lovely equivoque, flamingolady, raevyn77 and myself will be your listmasters! we will try to ensure that the list is accurate and updated, and that any fights are broken up without injury! LOL! we do ask for your patience with the updating - sometimes we get carried away with chatting, LOL!
- please refresh yourself with the rules on trading here on the blog. any disputes can be convoed to me and i'll try to help.
- feel free to label your trade items with the team tag "TEAM TRADE ON" and/or create a section in your shop with your trade items in it! you can also indicate what you are looking for in your shop announcement or profile - just make sure we know where to look!
- and please don't forget your manners - if someone convos you for a trade, please respond - even if they don't have anything you need or want. it's better to get a "no" instead of no response at all!

Trading Basics 101
Trades are EQUAL. That means that you are trading for an equal value from each other's shops, INCLUDING shipping. So, say i have a $20 necklace that you'd like, with $3 shipping - then i have $23 to spend in your store, including the shipping. If you're out $1 or so, you can agree to let it go - but usually if the difference is $5 or more, i'd send it via paypal.

so, you go and "purchase" the items from each other's shops, but don't complete the payment part! you can check "paypal" if that is the only option, but don't go to paypal!

once you receive your items, leave feedback please!!!!! :)

This part is going to suck but I'll have to say it. If it comes to light that you haven't traded in good faith, then your participation in other events, and your membership, will be in jeopardy. Trading is a way to benefit us ALL, and one person can ruin it for everyone. SO PLEASE TRADE FAIR! Also, we do not condone fee avoidance - it is definitely up to you to decide whether or not to change your prices for this event, but we would encourage everyone to play by the etsy rules as well. Changing your prices to 20 cents IS fee avoidance. It is NOT fair if someone is paying more etsy fees than others - plus karma will get you in the end, and there is the very real possibility that etsy will shut down our team.

For Prospective Members...
just wanted to write a quick note for people that want to become new members of the team, since i've gotten quite a few convos in the past few days about this!
this is what we need from you:
- your shop address/URL (i.e. )
- your current email address - we have a mailing list that we use to communicate about events and team stuff.
- you must also have no less than 99% positive feedback for your shop
- your shop has to have items in it!
this is what you get for being a member:
- listing on the super long, super awesome trade list - find it here:
- listing of your shop and your blog (if you have one) on the blog here
- inclusion in all of our team events
- being part of one of the most awesome teams on ETSY!
all we ask is that you participate in most of our events. the reason why membership is not open all the time is that we get convos from tons of stores and we update everything... and then never hear from those shops again. it's a lot of work and not fair to the rest of the team. we're also happy to hear ideas about events and challenges and other things we can do as a team - especially around trading!
so i hope this helps explain the membership "process" a little!
- and, a tip from the wonderful flamingolady:

"when trading (in general), be on the look out for scammers, like shops that have items that are too good to be true (might be a reason for that), new shops (might be legit though), check ratings, etc. It can take a month or two for scammers to be found out, most people are leary of leaving bad feedback until someone else does. If you are wary of a shop, and you are an established shop/trader, and you want to help a new shop get established, tell them up front that you will ship out their order after receiving yours... I've done literally dozens of trades, no probs yet, it was on a BNR where I traded with someone and a bunch of us got scammed by one of the shops, they are gone now, though probably opened up a new shop. Trading is good and fun, but remember, there is nothing Etsy can do other than to send a convo, since no funds traded hands. (versus a purchase on PP where the recipient can get their money back). Trade on! "

sparklegarden suggests:

" If I see a new shop (to buy OR trade with) that has little or no feedback, I convo and ask if they have feedback anywhere else (ebay, diaperswappers, etc.)that I can review. This has served me very well. "

PHEW! what a long post! (and now my carpal tunnel has set my hands on fire, LOL!) if you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to convo me or ask the gang on the chat thread!

see you all on monday!!!!

xoxoxox muffin

p.s. regarding the team list on etsy - yes, it is outdated. we're working on updating it - admin does it, not me, so i have to work with their timeline! but we'll get there eventually!

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