Saturday, July 31, 2010

august's design challenge!

as promised, the design challenges are back! so, without further ado, august's challenge is ON! this month's challenge has been chosen by the lovely rayvenwoodmanor and is "A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH".

entries will be accepted from now until the 17th of august. the rules are simple:
- only one entry per shop
- the item must be a handmade item, listed on etsy, and made by you (no supplies or destash, please)
- the item must somehow reflect the theme as chosen by the previous challenge winner
- tag your item with this month's challenge tag - "tradeaugust10"
- convo muffintopdesigns via etsy with a photo of your item (so that it's easier to post on the blog during voting!)

feel free to promote the challenge - and yourself, if you enter! - via twitter, facebook, on the etsy forums, and/or on your blog! the voting will start on august 18th and go till august 25th here on the blog and the winner will be announced on august 26th. SO GO AND GET CREATIVE! (and thank you again, rayvenwoodmanor!)


Nomsa said...


I love this month's theme!

Rayvenwoodmanor said...

I just checked out some of the items for August's chalenge. Very nice! I am having trouble getting the tradeaugust10 tag to work right...Etsy seems to be doing maintanance or something...or it could be me since I am tired:) Hopefully it will show up:) Good Luck Everyone!!!

Rayvenwoodmanor said... is is just me being tired and a little crazy:)