Friday, July 1, 2011

july's design challenge - FREEFORM STARS AND STRIPES!

Hello again everyone! here are the details for July’s Design Challenge! The fabulous aneurythm has chosen "freeform stars and stripes" as our next theme! so, we hope you’ve been thinking of your next creations!!!!

the rules are simple:

- entries will be accepted until july 29th, 2011.

- only one entry per individual (you can only submit one entry even if you have multiple shops)

- all entries MUST be handmade and listed for sale/trade in your Etsy shop. (no supplies or destash please!)

- all entries must reflect in some way the current theme "FREEFORM STARS AND STRIPES"

- tag your item with this month's challenge tag "tradejuly11" so that people can find your item!

- when you're ready to enter, CONVO muffintopdesigns with the LISTING ID# of your entry (it's the number that you use when you make treasuries). it's located on the actual listing page below the listing date and above the number of views your item has had. we will be making treasuries with the entries in alphabetical order by shop name and posting the widgets on the blog so everyone can check everything out (and maybe end up on the front page!)

- PLEASE NOTE – if you do not send the LISTING ID#, your item will not be included. You do not have to send anything else, just the listing ID#, so it’s a lot less work for everyone!

Feel free to promote the challenge - and yourself! - via facebook, twitter, etsy, your blog or hot air balloon! the voting will start on july 30th and go till august 5th!

thanks to you all – and to our sweet aneurythm for choosing such an awesome theme - and as always - TRADE ON!

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