Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Next Event... We Need Your Feedback!

We're starting to plan for our March Madness event and we need your opinion! I'm putting up a poll, so take a minute to cast your vote! We'll tabulate the results over the next three weeks and aim to have the event starting Friday, March 14th, 2008!

The descriptions of the games are as follows:
Trade & Replace - exactly like a Buy & Replace - except no money exchanges hands. There will be 10 names on the list, and people who want to "trade in" will have to negotiate with whomever they want to bump off for a trade... of course, if you want to BUY in, how can we say no?

Secret Admirer - the people who want to participate throw their names in the ring, and you will be sent another trader's name to whom you will send a "secret admirer" gift. Everyone will state their preferences so that the person receiving your name can sort of tailor the gift to that person. You won't know who has your name - and they won't know who you have... until the very end! This one is a little less "public" - it will probably generate less traffic from outside etsians, but is sweet nonetheless.

Secret Trader - very much like the Secret Shopper game, where there are 10 - 20 people on a list, and they are given a time frame from which to "purchase" from someone who they have been matched up to. There is a spending limit set, and everyone gets "matched" to a shop from whom they "purchase" from. Only in this one, no money is exchanged and the seller pays for shipping - everyone gets a sale and a "trade"!!!!

Traders' Tag - there are 10 - 15 people on the list, and a set "spending" limit - someone is chosen to start and they choose 1 shop from which to "purchase" from. When they are finished shopping, the person from whom they shopped from goes next and chooses a shop from which to shop from. And so on, until everyone gets a "sale". Once again, no money is exchanged and the seller pays for shipping - and everyone gets a sale and a "trade".

Scavenger Hunt - this one is a little trickier - we choose something to "hide" in one of the etsy trader team members' shops. All of the other shops will have clues inside them that leads to the "prize", but outside etsians have to go searching through the shops to find them. Gets tons of traffic and tons of views... and perhaps sales if someone finds something they like!

I might have botched these descriptions - AK, feel free to edit me if I have been wrong. It's early here and I haven't had my tea yet, LOL!!!!! I hope that this helps!

READY, SET, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trade on!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxox muffin


Alaska Hot Doggies said...

Looks fanastic! Thanks so much for updating our blog!

KieutiePie said...

I have no idea what those games are!!! Can you explain the differences?

lucie39 said...

What to choose,what to choose????:)They all sound fun!

Ashley said...

Secret Traders sounds like fun!