Monday, February 11, 2008

The Party was a SUCCESS!!!! And so fun to boot!

Well, we've had 5 amazing sales, some fabulous trades, and some awesome new members as a result of our PARTY!!!! If you ask me, that's pretty great for our first team event!!!
Here are some highlights:
- the stomping of the crickets
- fudge and caramels
- about a million new listings by addictedtoyarn, muffintop, christina, and lucie39
- Ak getting the flu but sleeping next to the party
- over 200 unique views on the Treasury
- rusticrainbow, quiltnut and windtwirler getting rowdy
- chubbytrubby and bamdesigns bringing down the house
- some random leg shaving and lots of chocolate cravings
So much fun all around, I didn't think it would be so great!

Ak, bead and I are going to run a poll over the next couple of weeks to see what our March event should be... rumour has it that perhaps a TRADE and REPLACE is in order... but we'll see what the tribe decides!!!

We are still taking new members for the Street Team, so let Ak, beadelicious or myself know if you want in - or even if you just want on the traders' list!

Come on and join us!!! xoxoxo muffin


KieutiePie said...

TnR! TnR!!!

muffin said...

you are too cute, kieutie! LOL!

Christina said...

Definitely TnR! I had a bunch of trades that came out of this BnR, so I think it would be fun! Squished crickets or fudge, anyone? I'm already caught up on the trade orders I received over the last few days...

lucie39 said...

so when is our next trade party? Hmmmm???? I miss chatting in our fun promo thread!

Jo said...

I want in on the fun you guys! Just let me know when it is.