Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blog Feature Game

Muffin & I have come up with another little promo event and wanted to see if anybody out there is interested.

To participate:
1) Have a blog
2) Have enough information about your and/or your art located in either your blog or your Etsy profile for someone to create a feature on you.

How to play:
1) From the number of participating blogs, we'll match up all the shops. Members will not know which blog is doing their feature.
2) Each person will have from Monday, March 10th until the end of Friday, March 14 to post their assigned feature.
3) Participants will needs to hunt thru the blogs to find the blog featuring them. This will increase traffic to each participating blog and help us all to get to know each other.
4) Additionally, we will have a thread in the Promo forum for all of us to keep current on the goings ons and bring even more traffic to your blog and your shop.
5) We'll be sending out blog assignments tomorrow (Sunday, March 9th)

As of Saturday, we have 10 members that are participating!!


Twiggymolly said...

look who found out how to join blogger!!!! ME!!!
I will have to know if I can add enough stuff to my etsy to join this as I want to. I have tried to take pics with lame results so I literaly have resorted to lying things on the flat bed scanner! We tried for two whole weeks nine hours a day with many good cameras and lighting and special boxes and blah blah blah take pics and discovered that we suck! at pictures! I think I will have to hire a office manager that can take pics also...

ThePeachTree said...

So excited! I just ran my featured artist for this week so I'll be adding my mystery feature this Friday night!! Woo Hoo!

Erin said...

The fun picture that you've included with this post caught my eye! Love it!

... off to read your blogs!

Pamela said...

OK-I found my feature by Peach Tree-yeah! Thanks PeachTree!
Pam aka-Grandma's Pillows Plus