Sunday, March 2, 2008


We are pleased to announce that the winner of the TradeAHolics Challenge is our very own Tiffany Teske!!!!
Tiffany's artwork is so amazing... you HAVE to go take a look! Her etsy shop is She also has a website -, and two blogs, Art&Food at and ETSYBuzz, at
Her shop is filled with her beautiful polaroid transfers and pendants made from her artwork. I am surprised that she even has the TIME to make all her gorgeous pieces, as she is also a wife and mother! A huge fan of guerrila marketing, she also promotes other artists and continues to showcase her work in real life venues.
Congrats for winning the challenge, Tiffany! WE LOVE YOU!!!!
And the other best part...
rhino wins AkHotDoggies' scarf
fitdeaf gets PresentsForPirates notebook
heylady receives MuffinTop's earrings!
Winners, you can go and "purchase" the prizes from each shop! CONGRATULATIONS!
and a special thanks to everyone who participated and voted!
the polls are now closed! :)


ThePeachTree said...

How exciting!! Congrats to everyone :)

javaslublu said...

Well done TiffanyTeske :-)

Tiffany Teske said...

Thanks so much :) And for anyone who would like to know more about our lovely, Cy, from Muffintopdesigns, check out my blog at Everyone did an awesome job with the challenge!!