Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trade-A-Holics Design Challenge!!!!









Well, gang, the time has finally come! You all know that we have been looking for a new banner for our blog... and here are the entries!!!! The participating artists are wendiwinn (http://wendiwinn.etsy.com/), kieutiepie (http://kieutiepie.etsy.com/), AkHotDoggies (http://akhotdoggies.etsy.com/) and Muffin (http://muffintopdesigns.etsy.com/)

We will be voting for the next two weeks or so, and the winning banner/widget will be used here on the blog!

So take a look, and cast your VOTE - or two!!! (Voting is by the numbers - the winning artist will be revealed at the end of the contest!!)
Ready, set, VOTE! (and of course, Trade ON!!!)


knitandpearl said...

These all look great, guys! :)

Staci Rose said...

Excellent work! Hard to pick one! :)

Rustic Diva Designs and RP Gardens said...

Newbie to the group here. :o)

I really like all the banners but that first one is really eye catching. Great job on creating all of them!