Monday, April 28, 2008

Another Successful Trade & Replace!!!!

Once again, the traders have indulged in their addiction!!! Trade, trade and more trading went on all week long! Not to mention the chats and the support amongst these super fine etsy shops!
Some of the more memorable moments...
- Raevyn's awesome treasury
- Christina and sunraven's 'tini avatars
- Indulgent's monkey farts
- distracting butercups from her car problems
- lucie39 trading till she was too pooped to post
- beadsidesmyself and chocolate milk
- Ak getting addicted to Pouncing team members
- kolton's one eyed monsters
- shaving our legs (again? WTF?)
- and of course, food - cinnamon rolls, biscotti, and the ubiquitous FUDGE!!!!
Stay tuned to help us plan for the next Trade & Replace! We'll have a "choose the date" poll up soon, so start posting your comments here if you want to be one of the 12 to start us off next time!!!!!
Thanks again to everyone who kept us going and to all who traded!!!! Whoot whoot!
Trade on!!!
xoxox Ak and muffin

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Rebecca said...

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