Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cleaning House! Active Memberships!

as everyone knows, Ak and i have been planning to clean house for some time. Our team has grown exponentially in the past few months, and we're so happy to have such great etsians as part of our community!

however, it's become quite obvious that not everyone who signs up for the team becomes an active member. and because our team is all about trading and teamwork, we'd like our members to participate in our events, and not necessarily just be a part of the team in name only.

as teams go, we're pretty low-key and low-pressure! and i'd like to think that we have fun!!!!! this is in NO way a put down on the shops that haven't participated - we do know that life gets in the way sometimes!

so, the instructions are simple. please send me a convo if you'd like to remain on the traders' team active members' list. and please participate as much as you can if you DO decide to remain on the list!

we will be planning another trade and replace event - and the studio tour - ASAP, so get cracking!!!

love you guys,
xoxoxoxo muffin

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Jenn said...

i would like to be on it.