Saturday, August 2, 2008

We LOVE Trading!!!!! Plus, the "Studio Tour" and Cleaning House!

Okay, i've finally recovered from the Trade And Replace!!!! and what a fantastic time we all had! the trading was fast and furious, the goods were fabulous, and the conversations, as always, were fantastic!

i personally had about 10 trades as a result... how many did YOU do! i love everything that i've gotten so far - you gals are sooo talented!!!!!

here are some of the highlights:

"trade ho"!!!! (take a look at threeofwands' trade ho bracelet in the picture above!)

all of our wonderful new newbies!!!!!! YAY!!!

brownies, marshmallows and fudge

the trading buzz

not sleeping because of the trade addiction

there are actually too many good memories to post here.... :)

thanks again to everyone who participated - and i can't WAIT for the next one!

as most of you know, Ak and i will be "cleaning house" this month in regards to whittling down our membership list. we have quite a few people who aren't very active with the team, so we'd like to take a roll call of people who would like to remain members... but you have to promise to be active in our events! LOL! seriously though, how can you help but trade? LOLLLLLLL!!!

we also talked about doing a "studio tour" of members' workspaces here on the blog, so stay tuned for details! i think that we'll feature two members' spaces here on the team blog, each week or two, so get thinking about what you'd like to say and take some pictures of your space! (even if it's just a TV tray in front of the couch!) you can also feature your space simultaneously on your own blog!

anyway, now i'm babbling... thanks again everyone for EVERYTHING! see you all soon!

xoxoxoox muffin

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