Saturday, October 25, 2008

The 1st Annual Traders' Secret Santa/Hanukkah Harry Gone WILD Event!

Always feeling like you never have any fun during the holiday season? Always buying for other people but never for yourself? Wish that you could participate in a fabulous, ETSY TradeAHolics -wide Secret Santa/Hannukah Harry exchange where EVERYONE is a winner??????

Then hope and wish no longer! Here is the TradeAHolics' Secret Santa/Hannukah Harry Gone WILD!!!!! It's easy! Just read the rules below!

♥ This is definitely NOT mandatory! Only willing Secret Santas, please! (lol!) If you sign up, you agree to participate - you CANNOT pull out once the list has been compiled! THE DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP IS MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 31st, 2008!!!!

♥ The Secret Santa gift that you send to your Santa should be around $25 - it can be 1 - 3 items totalling $25. The gift MUST be handmade by you!

♥ Please convo - and ONLY convo - muffintopdesigns with the following information (feel free to cut and paste to make life a little easier!) If you can put SECRET SANTA in the convo subject line, that would be fantastic and save me a lot of hair pulling later!

Real Name:
Etsy Shop:
Favorite Colors:
Favorite Hobbies:
Favorite Scents/Flavours:
Favorite Things:
Any allergies/food dislikes etc:
Any other info that can help your Secret Santa choose something especially for you!:
Shipping Address:

♥ Names will be matched on Saturday, November 1st, 2008 and you will be convo'd the information on your Secret Santa. PLEASE NOTE: you will only be sending one package to one person! It's low maintenance!!!!!

♥ Packages should be sent out by Nov 28th, 2008 to receive in time for Christmas - or sometime shortly thereafter. I would suggest sending it via Priority Mail/Airmail with Delivery Confirmation, a tracking number, and/or insurance, just in case it gets lost in the holiday rush!

♥ When you send your item, post a comment on this thread (and this thread only) that you sent it - BUT NOT TO WHOM!!!!! (it's a secret, remember?)

Any questions? :) Happy Santa/Harry-ing!

xooxox muffin (and mini muffin)


Vidia2Be said...

Ah Im so glad I brought this up

Charlotte said...

Yip-eeee How fun!! Looking forward to this!!

Charlotte said...

Hot Diggity Dog - I'm all done with my Secret Santa and it's shipping today!! =0)

Anonymous said...

I am mailing my secret Santa gift tomorrow!

pukingpastilles said...

I shipped mine!

Rene said...

Sent mine!

Rene said...

Sent mine! :)

KATIE said...

Gift done and Sent!

muffintopdesigns said...

sent mine yesterday (november 24th) via canada post! yay for the holidays!!!!!!!

demmi said...

I mailed mine out today yeah!

Wheezies said...

Mine was mailed out today:) Happy Holidays everyone!


Anonymous said...

It in the mail! whew! Theresa

Phoenix said...

sending mine tomorrow, a.m. teeheehee

Anonymous said...

Mailing mine tomorrow - via priority mail. Sorry it's a little late - I was sick.