Friday, January 2, 2009


the holidays are finally over... but 2009's trading is just beginning! and to kick it off, we're having the post holiday hangover Trade and Replace event the last week of January! if you want to be on the start list, convo me via etsy and i'll set you up!

that means that we'll begin early on the morning of Sunday, January 25th, 2009, and end at midnight, Saturday, January 31st, 2009. it would break up the long winter, wouldn't it? hopefully everyone will pop in! membership also will open up again for the duration of the TnR... so if any lurkers want in, now is the time! we actually have a couple of newbies who will be making their debut on this TnR, so let's make them feel welcome!

so, don't forget to review the rules of the Trade and Replace here on the blog, and tag your tradeable items with the tag "Team Trade On".

by the way, if you also want off the trading list(s) or want to retire your membership - let me know and i can fix that up too. :)

i will post the location of the thread here on the blog and on the tradeaholics' chat thread so that everyone can find us easily!


xoxox muffin


Andrea Stamps said...

I'm up for it, both with my original shop and my new shop Yay trading!

This Is It! Creations said...

Yay! Can't wait - I'll be back from vacation then!
I trade from both shops ( and

Glo said...

Can't wait.....yay trading!!! :)

Staci Rose said...

MANY of the items I traded for went to family and friends this holiday season. And, EVERY one of them were extremely happily received!

Can't wait to trade again! :D