Saturday, January 31, 2009

TradeAHolics' Valentine's Challenge!

february 14th is just around the corner! for some reason, valentine's day is my favorite holiday!!! seeing all the little pink and red hearts everywhere just lifts my spirits!!!! i am sure i'm not alone.... on the most recent Trade And Replace thread, we threw around the idea of having a Valentine's Day challenge/event for the team! so, without further ado, here are the ideas that have popped up! please place your vote ASAP for the challenge that you'd be most up to doing - the poll is on the sidebar!
1. Will You Be My Valentine? - each participating shop will design a "valentine" that will be posted here on the blog! it could be an actual valentine, or something valentine-themed. the deadline for photos to be sent to me (via email or convo, whichever is easier) and i will post them here. we will invite as many people to come and vote on their favorite! the winning designer will be featured in an interview here on the tradeaholics' blog and we will draw for three winners from all the voters! (this means that i will need three donated valentine prizes - you could donate your valentine if you wanted! your shop and the prize would also be featured here on the blog)
2. Secret Valentine Exchange - kind of like our Secret Santa/Hannukah Harry event, shops who want to participate will convo their mailing address to me and i will match them with a "valentine"! no presents required, just a sweet, HANDMADE valentine!!!! how nice would that be, to get an old-fashioned valentine wish in the mail?
3. Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt - each participating shop must have at least ONE valentine's themed item in their shop. questions about each shop owner will be posted here on the blog and people have to visit the shops to get the answers. it's a great way to get traffic to our stores - and exposure to our valentine's items! people will post their answers here on the blog, and we will do a drawing from the people who have the correct answers!
4. I Heart Etsy Blog Feature - what better way to show another TradeAholic that you love them than by featuring them on your blog! all the shops that want to participate can convo me and i'll match everyone. then you go and "interview" the shop that you get... write a valentine blog post about them!
and last but not least...
5. Valentine's Day Trade and Replace - i don't think that i'd need to explain this, now do i? :) we can make it Valentine's Day only (it falls on a Saturday) or for the whole week following Valentine's Day!
so... what do you guys think? nothing too elaborate, but fun nonetheless!!!!!! and if you want to donate a prize, CONVO me as soon as possible!
GO VOTE!!!!!

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Mechelle Harrison said...

I like the first idea 1. Will you be my Valentine?