Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Down and Dirty Details on the Trade and STAY... and a Little Update!

okay... we're all ready for the next trade and STAY event! i think that we all know how it works, but i'll cut and paste the rules from the last one here for reference sake! there are also some additions to (hopefully) organize the trading frenzy a little! :)

- the trade and stay will go for 4 days ONLY - Sunday, March 15th to Wednesday, March 18th at midnight.

- the link to the thread will be posted here, on the chat thread, and sent to everyone on the mailing list.

- it is a Trade and Stay - if someone trades with you, we just add their shop to the list and yours stays! you cannot be added to the list unless you trade onto the list - meaning that you have to trade with someone who is currently on the list to get onto the list (hoo boy, that's a lot of repeating! sorry!)

- once again, we're also going to track the # of trades that everyone does next to their shop name... oh, the TRUE addicts are going to be revealed, LOL. our little raevyn77 was crowned "Trade Queen/Ho" last time... i wonder who it will be this time!

- the lovely flamingolady, equivoque, raevyn77, makingsbymary and myself will try to keep the lists as accurate as possible - so be patient with the updated list!!! sometimes we get carried away with chatting and trading, LOL! we're going to try to keep you happy traders in line, so please post your trades on the thread and one of us will update it!

- please refresh yourself with the rules on trading here on the blog. any disputes can be convoed to me and i'll try to help. and please don't forget your manners - if someone convos you for a trade, please respond - even if they don't have anything you need or want. it's better to get a "no" instead of no response at all!

and just in case you're interested, here is the list! it's made up of the first 15 shops that responded to my emails and posts on the chat thread!

http://butterflydesign1.etsy.com/ or http://earringparadise.etsy.com/

even if you're not trading - because you're all traded out - please drop in and chat with us! hope to see everyone there!

btw, the lovely jerseymaids has been perusing the larger etsy traders list here: http://etsytraders.blogspot.com/ and we've slowly been deleting empty and inactive shops. if you find one on your travels through the blogs, please let me know and i'll get it cleaned up ASAP. it's an ongoing process (right, indulgentcreations!) but one day we'll have everything current!

if you are closing shop, want off the lists and/or to cancel your membership with the tradeaholics, please also let me know!

xoxoxo muffin

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Staci Rose said...

I'm officially excited and putting new goodies in my shop! :D