Monday, September 7, 2009


happy fall, everyone!!!! the summer was fantastic for trading and the team has tons of new members! in honour of this, we're posting "Trading 101" - both as an intro to our newbies and a refresher for the rest of us!!!

Trading is fun and wonderful and hopefully this helps people negotiate the wild world of trade-a-holism safely!!!! You'll get addicted, just like we did!

Rule 1 - Approach your prospective tradee (the person you want to trade with) via convo. Tell them that you like their stuff (obviously you do, LOL) and ask if they are willing to trade. It helps if you already have an item from their shop in mind. Be clear as well about what in your shop you are willing to trade for. You DON'T have to open your whole shop to trades!

Rule 2 - Wait for a response - and don't get your knickers in a knot because they say no. I've gone on a trading break when I get a little "traded out" - and that's okay. If you are the tradee, be nice about turning someone down. It's kinda like dating - let them down easy! :)

Rule 3 - If you both agree to trade, make sure that the trade is fair, and don't forget to include your shipping costs! So, for example, I choose $4.95 in fudge from Hillside Bakery, and the shipping on the fudge is $5.00, then Hillside gets to choose $9.95 worth of items from my shop, including shipping. I usually make sure that if there is a difference of $2 or more, I pay the difference via paypal. Fairness rules!!!!

Rule 4 - "Purchase" the items from each other's shops - BUT DON'T PAY or GO TO THE PAYPAL WEBSITE. Your goods are your currency!

Rule 5 - Ship at the same time – or as soon as possible if its a custom order!

Rule 6 - When you get your item, leave feedback!

And voila! Both parties gets something fabulous, both parties get a "sale", and both parties build up their positive feedback! Everyone wins!

What NOT To Do:
- Don’t forget your manners. Please respond to all trade requests, even if it’s a “no”.
- Don’t forget to ship your trade item. This is not donating. It’s trading.
- Don’t forget to leave appropriate feedback. If you are happy with a trade, let them know! Subsequently… if you are NOT happy, let the seller know before leaving feedback and try to work things out. If you are still unhappy – or if you never receive your item – we suggest that you leave feedback stating this. Although no money is exchanged, you’re trading goods, which is just as valuable. Treat it just like a sale.
- Don’t change your prices to 0.20. This is called fee avoidance. If etsy catches wind of fee avoidance, the whole team is in jeopardy of being shut down. We are lucky to have a venue like etsy. Don’t bite the hand that feeds us!
- Don’t avoid feedback by cancelling a sale. If you aren’t going to trade in good faith, don’t trade.

The bottom line - Any trader who doesn’t trade in good faith will be banned from the team. Trading is based on trust and we will defend that trust. be good to each other!

we hope these made sense and helps make your trade experience easier! It's so great to be able to own a great piece of handmade artistry by trading one of your own!!!!!!!!!!

Addicted yet? we are!!!!!!! if there are ANY questions, please let us know!

xoxoox muffin & raevyn

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