Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anyone Up for a FRENZY?

yeah, we're addicted. we were chatting on the forum thread today and the idea of a trade frenzy before the next TnS came up.
so, here we are.
go vote on the sidebar for the day that works best for you - i think we might only go 12 hours this time... just to make it a little more interesting!!!!!!!
whoot whoot!!!!!!! GO VOTE!
xoxox muffin & raevyn


The Bird's Nest said...

This sounds carnivorous...what exactly is a FRENZY?

TheHobbyRoom said...

Wow, you guys are nuts! I suppose I could sneak in a few more hours of trading for a frenzy... since I'm in the middle of yet another one right now anyway, LOL! But I'm mostly saving up for the Artfire TNS in November! ; )

Roxie - jewelry artisan / marketing said...

Remember...Etsy has a discount promo 10/23 - 10/25.

This could be like totally giving your stuff away...oh, well,..it is a trading frenzy!

I will play only after the etsy promo...which would be on the monday.

RhiannonSTR said...

Uh - oh, I'm still recovering from the last one.
BUT ... I'm feeling a FRENZY for sure.

The Girly Place said...

Aggghhhhhhh!!!! NOT this week!! Yall are killing me! I've got a show on Saturday and need my stock for the show. LOLOLOL.

Bling Girl said...

HAHA LOVE the pic ive played that game before!
let the frenzy begin!