Thursday, October 22, 2009

FRENZY details!

hi all!
well, it's official!
we're having ourselves a Trading FRENZY!!!!

what is a Frenzy, you ask? it's the same as a trade and stay, except it's only limited to a short, limited time!!!! hence... the trading will be even faster and more frenzied!

here are the details:

where: in the Promotions forum - raevyn will start the thread and send the location to everyone via ning.when: sunday, october 25th, 2009

time: 12 noon to midnight EST

how can you get on the start list? CONVO - and only convo - muffintopdesigns with "frenzy" in the subject line. indicate your shop(s) url and what you sell. (i.e. - jewelry ) that way it will be easier to keep us organized! i'll be taking the first TEN shops only!!!!

are you ready? you only have 2 1/2 days to stock up your shop!!!! :) if you have any questions, let me or raevyn77 know!!! yay for the FRENZY!!!!

xo muffin

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katia said...

can I join or it is too late?