Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunday's FRENZY Start List!

thanks to everyone who convoed me - this team ROCKS!

without further ado... here is your start list! (we are 11 shops again because we had a tie) or

no fair negotiating trades before we start, lol! if you have questions about how a Frenzy works, check out the rules of the Trade and Stay events on ning or shoot either one of us a convo!

xoxox muffin & raevyn

FRENZY details!

hi all!
well, it's official!
we're having ourselves a Trading FRENZY!!!!

what is a Frenzy, you ask? it's the same as a trade and stay, except it's only limited to a short, limited time!!!! hence... the trading will be even faster and more frenzied!

here are the details:

where: in the Promotions forum - raevyn will start the thread and send the location to everyone via ning.when: sunday, october 25th, 2009

time: 12 noon to midnight EST

how can you get on the start list? CONVO - and only convo - muffintopdesigns with "frenzy" in the subject line. indicate your shop(s) url and what you sell. (i.e. - jewelry ) that way it will be easier to keep us organized! i'll be taking the first TEN shops only!!!!

are you ready? you only have 2 1/2 days to stock up your shop!!!! :) if you have any questions, let me or raevyn77 know!!! yay for the FRENZY!!!!

xo muffin

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anyone Up for a FRENZY?

yeah, we're addicted. we were chatting on the forum thread today and the idea of a trade frenzy before the next TnS came up.
so, here we are.
go vote on the sidebar for the day that works best for you - i think we might only go 12 hours this time... just to make it a little more interesting!!!!!!!
whoot whoot!!!!!!! GO VOTE!
xoxox muffin & raevyn

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bye Bye Google Emails!

how far we've come since our early days as newbie tradeaholics! we are now fabulously organized, thanks to raevyn, over on our ning site! plus, there are almost 100 people who haven't confirmed their google membership, so it's pretty obvious that ning is the way to go!

this means that i'll be closing down our google group, where our mailing list was. any group messages will now be sent through ning, so make sure that your email address is accurate over there. i've sent notifications via ning and google, so hopefully everyone will be informed. i apologize in advance to anyone who uses the google emails to keep in touch, but this is going to be way easier for raevyn and myself.

anyhoo... thanks again for putting up with us while we try to make things easier and more streamlined for everyone! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And Our Winners Are....

It's totally awesome how wicked our Trade and Stay event was!!!!! amazing shops, fantastic trades, wonderful chats... could it get any better????

but - without further ado... here are our winners!

DIVINE CANINE (with 57 trades) is the newly crowned Trade-Ho! she wins:

The official certificate from justgivemepeace -
A Trade-Ho bracelet from ReadingBunky!
A $10.00 gift certificate to KarolsTreasures
A $10.00 gift certificate to NativeBeads
A Wand for the Queen Ho-Ho courtesy of TheGirlyPlace
And gets to be featured on the Tradeaholics Official Blog!
we had a tie for second place - with 45 trades each! so.... our gals are...

the fabulous BOOBOOMONSTERS!
she will receive a $20.00 gift Certificate from Simply Raevyn Which can be used at any of her three shops!
A $10.00 gift Certificate from Kim Creative
And a Hand crocheted Beanie with a clip from PiggytailsBoutique
The talented SPARTASOAP will receive, Ta!Dah!
A $20.00 Gift Certificate from MuffinTopDesigns!
a $10.00 gift Certificate from Simply Raevyn Which can be used at any of her three shops!
A Pocket mirror, your choice from JustGiveMePeace
And a hair clippie from PiggytailsBoutique

congrats, ladies!!!! contact the sellers for your prizes!!!!! (and before anyone says anything, raevyn doesn't qualify because she runs the team, LOL!!!)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

October's Trade and Stay Thread!

you guys ready?

(sorry it's so early but i was up and thought i'd make good use of being awake LOL!)