Saturday, January 16, 2010

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!! January Design Challenge!!!

we threw down the gauntlet, and you created! here are the 33 - yes, 33! - entries to the first tradeaholics' design challenge! click here to see the entries!
please vote on the poll on the sidebar - one vote per person! we'll announce the winner on the 26th!
(i know that this might not be as streamlined as we could make it, but it's our first huge design challenge... we'll work out the kinks as we go! if you have any suggestions, please let me know via etsy convo!)


Anonymous said...

What a talented bunch of artists we are!!
Great job, everyone!!

seaphemera said...

Wow - I am so impressed with the talent!!! This is really a tough decision - I want to vote for more than one!

w said...


Booger and Tash said...

Just voted! So hard to pick just one!

Shore Debris said...

Great Entries! I just made my vote :)

(P.S. I think the sidebar works fine for now ... maybe if you get more entries, having them in alphabetical order will be easier to find the shop you want to vote for?)

Anonymous said...

Well done, everyone!

I do have a question. What happens if someone buys a contest entry? Won't it disappear from the list?

Kristen (paperleaves)