Saturday, December 5, 2009

December's Trade and Stay Event DETAILS!


here is the link to the TNS thread:


THIS MONTH'S PRIZES (not that you guys need any incentive to trade!)

First Place – Official Trade Princess/Ho Certificate from justgivemepeace
$10 Gift Certificate from Raevyn77 (redeemable in any of her shops)
$10 Gift Certificate from muffintopdesigns
Choice of Photo from charmingmittens ( from proteales

Second Place from somethingolde from chrystalyn
$10 gift certificate from muffintopdesigns

Third Place - from Beadacious1221
a $10 Gift Certificate from designedbyginalouise
20 pack of assorted 2 x 2" cards from peculiarparchment

you ready? TRADE ON!

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