Thursday, December 3, 2009

December's Trade and Stay Event!

hello traders!!! we're gearing up and getting ready for this weekend's TnS event! the 10 starter shops have been chosen via and the list is here! just some reminders:

- the event starts early on saturday (approximately 5am EST - i'm not sure what time that is overseas) and goes till 11:59pm EST monday. we will send everyone the link to the thread and post it on the blog as well.
- please remember your manners and respond to all convos – even if your answer is no!
- use the tag "team trade on" to identify your tradeable items, or put a trade section in your shop
- remember to keep your trades equal – you should be trading for the amount of the item PLUS shipping – but please don’t inflate your shipping costs!
- Once your trade is complete, please post a link to the transaction so we can all see what you got! It makes it easier for us to count trades this way – if you just state that you are trading with someone, it makes it difficult to count. (plus we only count “official” trades!)
- Please do not change your prices to 0.20 cents. This is fee avoidance and can get our team shut down.
- Teach newbies to trade and be gentle!!!
- Treat trades like sales – ship promptly and leave appropriate feedback! If you are happy, let future buyers and traders know with glowing feedback! If, after several attempts to make the trade right, you are unhappy (you didn't get your item, you got a different item and the seller doesn't want to ship the item you ordered, etc), leave feedback telling that. Just because it is a trade, it is no reason that it should be treated any differently than a sell. You are getting an item for your time and merchandise, sometimes more valuable than money!!! If negative feedback is called for, leave negative feedback.
- The list will be updated by our official listmasters, so please be patient – just trade and leave the work to us!! This way, the list stays accurate!
- Please trade in moderation – don’t trade more than you can handle! (it is addicting, but after the dust settles, you’ll be packing for days!!!)

without further ado, here is the list! and and

we also have prizes for the biggest traders - thanks to the shops that have generously donated items! the prizes will be posted ASAP!

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