Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trade and Stay Hangover!!

we've been cleaning up in the aftermath of the TnS event - and boy, it was FABULOUS! with 202 shops (i think) on the list and over 2000 trades when the dust cleared, i think we certainly had ourselves one heck of a holiday party!!!! (and will be avoiding our etsy bills when they arrive!)
without further ado, here are our trade winners!
the NEW trade ho is the terrific sassygrace! she will take home our wonderful first place prize package and the Trade Ho certificate!!!
designsbyginalouise and nitelily3 were our runners-up this time around and will be awarded the second & third place prizes respectively! so, winners, please contact the donor shops for your prizes!!!!!
thanks to everyone who participated - and especially to the listmaster crew! we will be having the next event once all the trades from this one have been received - so most likely in the new year!!!! you guys rock!!!!
p.s. i found the pool boy wandering around tripping on something funny. someone come get him and put him to bed, please!

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