Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Heart Valentine's Day Trade and Replace!

and the tribe has spoken AGAIN! we're up for another trade and replace for our Valentine's Day event! (the scavenger hunt came in a close second, so for spring we'll plan one of those!)

anyways, there have been some suggestions to make this TnR a little different - which i am TOTALLY psyched about! the details are as follows:

- the event will start Valentine's Day and run for a week
- instead of bumping people off the list, shops will be able to trade onto the list and STAY! by the end of the week, the list will be HUGE! but this also will bring more traffic to everyone's shops, and increase the choices for everyone!
- there will be a focus on destashing as well - as they say, one trader's junk is another trader's treasure! so go through your stuff and take photos! we just might end up having an ongoing destash trading thread after this is over!
- we can use the shops that were on the list when we ended the last Trade and Replace. i will convo those shops and make sure that they are okay with that.

how does that sound? any ideas can be discussed on the chat thread here: or shoot me a convo!!!!! and don't forget to reread the trading rules!

oh, i LOVE valentine's day!!!!!!!!

p.s. with help from pennyspug, the list of active shops has been purged again. and our new members have been added to all the lists (i hope!) the list on etsy will be updated within a few days once the team gals have gotten around to my email, so don't worry. if i missed you, please convo me and let me know!

p.p.s. fyi - membership will NOT open during this event. it took me this long to get caught up! :)


Rustic Diva Designs and RP Gardens said...

Yaaa! Looking forward to it!

Angela said...

I am a bit confused - membership is not open during the event, but does that mean it is up until then ?

When is the window of opportunity ?

sycamoreboutique on etsy

Suzanne said...

I am so excited about the trade and stay on V-Day.

I have posted some new stuff and will post some destash stuff late tonight!