Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We HEART Trading!

oh my. what a fabulous event we had! thanks to the flamingolady's fabulous idea, we turned the trading world upside down with a Valentine's TRADE AND STAY!

here is the list at it stood at the conclusion of the event (thanks, muddymoose!)

 (10 trades)

 (6 trades)

and the title of "Official Trade HO" goes to...

our fast and furious Raevyn77!!! you definitely are the Trade Queen!
now get working on getting those packages out, traders! i know that i am! and stay tuned for the details on the Spring Scavenger Hunt - i'll be doing the research and will post details ASAP!
thanks again for the wonderful turnout. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!
xoxox muffin


Anonymous said...

Congrats Ravyen77!!!!
I didn't even know it was a competition!

The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique said...

Congrats Ravyen77!!

Trade and Stay is awesome. Love the format....waaaayyy more choices. TRADE ON!!