Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Brainstorming!

okay, so i've done some research and here are my thoughts on the springtime scavenger hunt! please please feel free to let me know if you have any ideas... i want this to be fun and fabulous!

here goes:

How will people play our game? They will visit each of the participating TradeAHolics' shops (a list will be posted here on the blog and on a Promo thread that we will bump throughout the contest duration) and look through the pictures in the shop listings (recently sold items included). Some shops will contain one picture of a "letter" hiding in one of their shop listings. (i will send the "letter hiding" shops a graphic of the letter and it can be used in one of the photos of a listing in your shop - that way, they are hidden and people will have to dig through your shop to find it!) They will search through the participating shops and jot down the "letter" and the name of the shop they have found the letter in. After they have found all of the letters (we would have to decide on a word!), then they will have to unscramble them to complete a word. When they think they have solved the puzzle, they will convo me or a scavenger hunt designate with their entry and their name. If they are correct their name will go into a drawing to win a prize from the items donated from the participating shops. The contest will end (a week from the start date). All correct entries will be entered into a drawing and the winners will be selected at random and announced on the blog. The winners will be posted here on the blog and on the forums. All participating shops and prizes will also be promoted on the blog!

Members of our team cannot actually play the game - LOL! - for obvious reasons! And people who do enter can only win one prize. But that's pretty obvious too! What we'd need is enough shops to spell something PLUS "dummy" shops that won't have a letter in it (I think 20 shops would be a good number?) plus shops willing to donate a prize (maybe 5?)

Anyway... any thoughts? Let me know! And once we decide the details, I will be deleting this post as to not reveal any of our secrets!!!!!!

xoxoxo muffin


Christina said...

sounds like a plan to me!

SherWear said...

Sounds like fun! I'd love to participate and would be willing to donate a prize. Count me in.

LadyT said...

This sounds like fun! i know it has been postponed for now, but I would be willing to donate a prize when the time comes...