Monday, February 9, 2009

I Heart Trading Valentine's Day Trade and STAY!!!!!

okay folks, the starter list is finalized and the details are all ironed out! we're having a "I Heart Trading" trade and STAY event for Valentine's Day! thanks to the 31 members who voted on our poll and to the chatters on the thread for brainstorming ideas!

this is how it's going to go down:

- it starts early Valentine's Day morning and will go for 4 days ONLY. the link to the thread will be posted here and sent to everyone on the mailing list.
- it is a Trade and Stay - if someone trades with you, we just add their shop to the list and yours stays! you cannot be added to the list unless you trade onto the list - meaning that you have to trade with someone who is currently on the list to get onto the list (hoo boy, that's a lot of repeating! sorry!)
- we're also going to track the # of trades that everyone does next to their shop name... oh, the TRUE addicts are going to be revealed, LOL!
- there will be a focus on destashing, but if you don't have any destash, don't worry about it - i have lots to destash eventually, but probably won't have the time to take photos or list before we start. we will most likely have some sort of ongoing destash trade thread in the future, so stay tuned for that.
- the lovely flamingolady and myself will try to keep the lists as accurate as possible - but please feel free to update the list if you have successfully traded. sometimes we get carried away with chatting, LOL!
- please refresh yourself with the rules on trading here on the blog. any disputes can be convoed to me and i'll try to help. and please don't forget your manners - if someone convos you for a trade, please respond - even if they don't have anything you need or want. it's better to get a "no" instead of no response at all!

and just in case you're interested, here is the list! it's made up of the lovely shops that ended our last TnR! thanks, you guys, for agreeing to kick us off this time!!! or or

(and no trading with the people on the list before Valentine's Day! LOL!)

i can't wait! hope to see everyone there!

xoxoxo muffin

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